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  1. SAW It In Person

    Yes repeats are great. Irony: Actual outcome is the opposite of the expected. You control how you respond. You are being a dick. Don't read stuff you don't want to.
  2. SAW It In Person

    Ironic from a guy that posted a "post your JT" and another "wheel post." Search function must be too damn difficult. :like: Glass houses, bro....glass houses.
  3. What do u have coming in the mail?

    I did that. VERY happy with it. If you are doing the fog lights it takes a hot minute...gotta spiral them on
  4. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Quake smoked leds to go with my @Artec fender liners and my fender split. Plus Armorlite flooring. Few more skids and my lockers and this beast might be done.
  5. SAW It In Person

    Her neighbor is cool. Real Jeep family. I'm hoping to see it in action on a trail and get that top off.
  6. SAW It In Person

  7. SAW It In Person

    And I dig it. Nice job @Quadratec Looks better in person. Girfriend's neighbor has it.
  8. What do u have coming in the mail?

    @Artec fender liners.
  9. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    Don't have a skid that I regret buying.
  10. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    Plus you get to scream...."release the kraken!" Which is a big plus.
  11. $1000 to spend - what to buy

    Not seeing onboard air.... do you have an ARB twin? Big fan of @813 Fabrication & Design https://www.813fabrication.com/under-seat-bin Also going to rip out my carpet soon and do the armorlite He has a discount code on here...
  12. Jumper cable or alternative

    THIS...all day. Love mine.
  13. It's almost sad, but then not really...

    It probably practiced self immolation as a form of protest against what happened to it. I'd set myself on fire if they did that to me.
  14. Tire deflators

    yep. Spend the $100 and get them. I had cheap ones that were crap.
  15. Colorado Trading Post

    Rubicon Springs and Shocks $250 OBO Sport S front and rear bumper silver trim no air dam $200 Stock Sport S control arms and track bars OFFER Stock Sport S spring and shocks OFFER Stock Steering Stabilizer OFFER
  16. Quake LED's Week Long Black Friday 20% Off Super SALE is Live TODAY!

    Is this happening again? I have a fender chop coming up for my "keep my hands busy in the winter" time..
  17. 33" tire weight with 3.73 gears JT sport

    I ran 33s on my Sport with 3.73 and zero issues. Once I got to 35s....I went to 4.88 within a week. In Colorado. May be livable in Florida. Now on 37s.
  18. Comparing a tuned JTRD to one regeared with 4.56s, both on 37s.

    Clearly you didn't get stuck in a vortex. Jeep tour guy was pretending to be lost....blamed a vortex. I told him to lay off the Peyote. It was easy, my kid drove it... But so pretty.
  19. Comparing a tuned JTRD to one regeared with 4.56s, both on 37s.

    Dude... much better than the 4runners we saw. But the views!