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  1. Who uses a dash cam and what do you recommend?

    Iam looking at dash cams for my jt and am wondering what you guys would recommend. I've watched some reviews on brands like thinkware, vantrue and viofo but am still unsure on which is the better buy. Viofo and vantrue can take up 512 gb SD cards but each have their cons. Thinkware supposedly...
  2. Dont go cheap on rock rails (traffic accident)

    I got hit today in the rear passenger area of my 21 jtr. I was going about 35 on a 2 lane road, going through a traffic light when another car decided to turn right from a side street. Instead of staying in the right lane like she was supposed to do because I occupied the left, she veered into...
  3. My co-workers are asking "what are them ducks for in jeeps"

    I told them, " it's when one dude is into another dude with a jeep". If you keep a bunch of ducks on your dash then youre into alot of dudes, not just one. Edit to clarify: I don't partake in the ducking with anyone regardless of gender. I think it could be a sign of the apocalypse.
  4. Ohio Sold: Oculus LED headlights $250

    Selling these good condition oculus led headlights. Comes with resistors for non led gladiators. Worked perfectly on my non led sport. $250 near Hamilton Ohio
  5. Ohio Sold: Mopar trifold becover for sale $200

    Selling a mopar trifold bedcover in good condition. Comes with hardware. This was on a 2021 gladiator with just under 31k miles. $200, Located near Hamilton Ohio
  6. Ohio Sold: 2020 sport gladiator fenders in stingray color

    I have 4 stingray fenders that came off of my 2020 gladiator for sale. These are good condition with one front driver's fender having a small paint chip about 3/16 in size. Fenders had about 25k miles when I pulled them off. They come with stock halogen parking lights on the fronts and 4 fender...
  7. Ohio Sold: (4) 2021 model rubicon wheels and tires with tpms

    These wheels came off of my 2021 rubicon with just under 31k miles. They still have the tpms sensors in them. Iam told the sensors will not work on 2020 model year gladiators fyi. Wheels are in good condition and tread depth is roughly 3/8" measures with calipers. Tires are 285/70R/17 Falcon...
  8. Home theatre/stereo dilemma

    Hopefully someone here can point me one way or another. Iam wanting to upgrade my home stereo system. I currently have an older low level LG soundbar with sub. It's fine but I'd like something more. Soundbars are very popular and there are some nice units from samsung and others. My issue is...
  9. ?'s on TPMS sensor compatibility through the years

    Iam going to sell some 2021 model year rubi wheels with tpms sensors. I know in 2021 the sensors changed because 2020 model year won't work in 2021. My question is will 2021 sensors work in the 2020 models? Also, can JSCAN fix the compatibility issues?
  10. Need ideas on phone mount solutions

    I just traded in my sport for a rubicon and quickly realized on the test drive that the front/rear diff lock and auxiliary button panel used to be a cubby where I put my phone on my sport. I did some looking around and I like the bullitpoint mounting solutions top tray mounted arm but Iam not...
  11. Things to check before buying used gladiator rubicon

    Iam looking at a used jtr today with about 30k miles. So far Iam going to be looking for: -leaky axles -bad steering -engine ticking Anyone one else have any good ideas on what to look for?
  12. Lease ending in 2 months, thinking about upgrading

    My lease on my 2020 sport S is ending at the end of May. My residual value on the jeep is about 30k. I was planning on just paying it off and keeping it but I've been wanting a rubicon. I don't have a ton of aftermarket parts on it and could take off the wheels etc if I were to sell it. It just...
  13. 3.6 engine teardown from a 2014 caravan

    Ran across this video and had to watch it. This guy tears down all kinds of engines so if you are like me and curious what the guts of the 3.6 liter pentastar looks like, this video is for you.
  14. Is there a product to extend the hood all the way back?

    Does anyone make a product that let's you safely open the hood and extend it all the way back onto the windshield frame? I've done it before using a towel in between but surely someone has come up with something to safely do it.
  15. Does anyone wish the wrangler platform would shrink...

    Back down to TJ size besides me? I love the jk/jl and jt but I think the wrangler would benefit from getting back down to its roots especially with the notion that power plants will decrease in displacement as well as go hybrid and all electric. Reduce weight and footprint and get better milage...
  16. Is this better or worse than angry grill?

  17. Jscan setting for changing DRL from white to yellow

    I just got some led fender lights and am trying to put my jscan setting for DRL back to stock. I had it where the yellow turn signals were the DRL instead of the white light. Now I want to go back to stock white light and can't remember what the setting is. The options are Europe, Canada...
  18. How to tell if you have sport or overland front bumper?

    I have a sport s that came with what appears to be an overland front bumper. Do all overland front bumpers have the silver colored inserts by the fogs? Iam asking because I need some new fogs and apparently the overland and rubicon are different than the sport.
  19. How many here have the retro gladiator front body kit?

    There's got to be someone here that has one. I think it looks really good. Iam curious how well the kit is made and how much work it takes to swap body parts. Going from memory I think it's a whole new hood, fenders and front grill obviously.