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  1. Washing/Shower/Water Tank Tube

    Rhino rack makes a nice mount/bracket for the tube. I ran one on my jk- make sure the faucet end is mounted low and the relief valve high…. I added a 45* (should have done a 22.5*) coupler on the end I had my faucet mounted to in order to get the faucet just a bit lower….. otherwise you will...
  2. Rear brake lines

    I’m not saying you’re wrong. But I don’t think the all of the information is being released. The computer is needed to actuate the ABS system….. which in all fairness is true…. a way to avoid this is to ensure you don’t let air into the ABS system…. So- ensure the brake fluid res. Never runs...
  3. Rear brake lines

    Learned something new today 👍🏼🍺
  4. Fifteen52 Analog

    Yes that’s all I saw too. However, 0 offset sucks a set of 37x12.5’s pretty perfectly into the fenders when flexed out- on the diesel (diesel has a bit longer bump extensions….)- 1” spacer up front and .75 in the rear is pretty perfect on the rubicon fenders. what offset/tire size are you...
  5. Sudden catastrophic power failure at 13 months 20,000 miles.

    https://store.mopar.com/oem-parts/mopar-battery-sensor-68289207ac?c=Zz1lbGVjdHJpY2FsJnM9YmF0dGVyeS1iYXR0ZXJ5LXRyYXktYW5kLWNhYmxlcyZsPTEmbj1TZWFyY2ggUmVzdWx0cyZhPWplZXAmbz1nbGFkaWF0b3ImeT0yMDIyJnQ9cnViaWNvbiZlPTMtMGwtdjYtZGllc2Vs Is there a way to test the IBS without using the dealers software??
  6. Fifteen52 Analog

    ….. yeah…. Kind of my thought…. Planned on Methods, however fifteen52’s 26# patrol wheel for $161… popped a couple tops and next thing I know 37’s will also be in on the 18th of December…. 😑
  7. Fifteen52 Analog

    Appears they now have “over-stock issues” Ordered yesterday- will see how long delivery takes. Anyone else popping by- 50% off sale for the month of December on a bunch of wheels. https://fifteen52.com/collections/aftermarket-wheels-for-2019-to-2023-jeep-gladiator
  8. Looking for battery replacement recommendations for 2020 Gladiator

    Thank you. This was helpful. Read and understood some other posts- but the way you worded yours and added the photos affirms my thoughts/understanding. Thank you.
  9. Does anybody know what this circle is on the rear bumper?

    You’re joking…. But it’s ligit mounted on the top side of your roll bar… (All vehicles….) https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog/privacy-nightmare-on-wheels-every-car-brand-reviewed-by-mozilla-including-ford-volkswagen-and-toyota-flunks-privacy-test/
  10. Evolution.... where did you start? Or is the Gladiator your first Jeep?

    92 Sahara YJ, 2006 Sport TJ, 2016 JKU Hard Rock, and now the jtrd. Miss the JK some days. Next will be an LJ 😎
  11. 4 WHEEL PARTS Teraflex Big Delta Brakes Nightmare.

    They used to be decent, somewhere after they bought out rubicon express? Things just entered a spiral…. Kind of a shame. Good shops are still out there- just growing fewer and farther between. Thankfully you both are in so-cal and have more options than most.
  12. Looking for battery replacement recommendations for 2020 Gladiator

    Is there an explanation post, or even a photo that shows where or how accessories are to be connected to a vehicle with an IBS (or electronic battery sensor)? My understanding is that if accessories are hooked up and the IBS/EBS is bypassed the draw that these accessories have is not put into...
  13. Air filter foam went through intake.

    Ligit if the pre filter was sucked in, you should pull the intake tube off, and the turbo elbow and at least visually inspect the veins…. I just don’t see how something like this could pass through without bending/breaking some of the veins. You might also find some pieces wedged in the intake...
  14. Air filter foam went through intake.

    This video shows what I’m talking about in regards to filter seal…. Overall it’s for a snorkel, but the filter element smoke test is the important part. Around the 21 min mark.
  15. Air filter foam went through intake.

    The filter is orientated correctly- going off this photo…. The pre-filter foam is down towards the box…. The filter definitely didn’t seal/pinch correctly between the box and the top/lid….. the distortion makes me think that it was wet at some point…. If the blue pre-filter was sucked through-...
  16. Air filter foam went through intake.

    Run a factory Mopar filter… I know it’s dumb- but seriously, after watching a couple diesel snorkel install videos, the Mopar filter is the only one that passes the smoke test… 🤷🏽‍♂️ Out of curiosity- do you have your inner fender liners still installed?? Seems like you have an excessive amount...
  17. Pentastar power increase

    Darren Parsons figured it out… 🤷🏽‍♂️ in a home shop in the desert…. Just saying things can be done, even when the internet says no….
  18. Trail Recon got a new Gladiator

    I liked JKU Brad… as soon as the wave of free promotional products started inundating the actual Jeep adventures, I was done. This new build- I watched the video because of this post. Just want to know how he is going to keep it under the vehicle weight rating. I would also like clarity- is...
  19. Fuel Gauge Accuracy

    Are you taking into consideration the level change based on the grade? Nose down fuel running to the front of the tank. JT seems to be WAY better than my JKU in that the JKU would literally sputter and stall out coming down some hills when at a 1/4 tank….. So- just throwing that out there...