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  1. Anyone ever use this compressor?

    MORRFlate Ten SiX Pro. Specs out better than the dual ARB. Only problem, not hardwired. They have some nice manifolds also :) https://morrflate.com/shop/air-sources/portable-compressors/morrflate-tensix-psi-pro-compressor-batch1/
  2. TCS light limp mode and codes

    2023 Diesel Gladiator Rubicon AEV 370 Alucabin camper. About 150 miles from home, driving below the speed limit, I got a Traction Control System failure message and a TCS light. Then the dreaded limp mode. A restart cleared the warning light and limp mode but left me with a check engine light...
  3. What is this part?

    It came with my new 2023 diesel Gladiator. It’s a mopar part and has the word “Diesel” embossed on it. An adapter, but why? I'm new to diesels. I thought if the nozzle doesn’t fit it’s the wrong gas. At least that’s how it works in the aviation world.
  4. Tazer Unmarry/Marry Question

    Assuming I unmarry my Taser JL Mini before I bring it to a dealer as zAutomotive recommends, will the Taser programming I did be retained upon Marry? Or, will I have to program the Mini anew?
  5. AEV ProCal plus Tazer JL

    Has anyone run a Tazer on an AEV vehicle? The AEV ProCal programming and possibly a harness is being installed by the factory. The AEV module simply changes tire size and gear ratio to calibrate the speedometer. The weird bit is a couple pins off the ODBI get routed to a green connector in the...
  6. No Active Safety Available to Order

    My 23 Gladiator was ordered without the Active Safety Group due to what I presume are part shortages. 1) anyone have a good aftermarket replacements for Blind Spot Monitoring and Backup Sensors? 2) from the wiring diagram, it looks like all the guts of the Blind Spot Monitors are the sensors...