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  1. Dealership Tries to Buy Jeep During State Inspection

    Told them they couldn’t afford it. That ended the conversation pretty quick.
  2. Handgun safe/lockbox recommendations

    Keep it on your hip… safest place for it and right where it belongs
  3. Tillamook 2023 Jeep Jamboree

    I’m in and looking forward to it. This will be my first jamboree. Close to my home in SW Washington.
  4. Holy Molle! Who's Actually Using Them?

    Me too, same setup. The dump piches are cheap and super versatile.
  5. Should I be seeing better Avg MPG

    I mostly drive in town and get about 15 mpg. Sitting at 14.4 right now with 18000 miles. Been as low as 11 at highway speeds with heavy wind.
  6. Apparently, I've been the asshole for the past 4 months (BEAMTECH LED replacement bulbs)

    I get flashed almost everyday with the stock leds.
  7. Something Jeep needs to do to sell more...

    Why not the Toledo Package? Driving tour of NW Ohio including all you can eat chili dogs at Tony Packo’s.
  8. If you could have Gladiator in any color you want...

    Got mine… Loved Sarge Green from the very first time I saw it!
  9. Who's got my fuel mileage beat?

    Just looked at mine and I’m 15.4 as well.
  10. Ugly or no?

    Looks Awesome!