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  1. Vape pen fell between driver seat and center console

    I dropped some lock keys down the passenger side and they went right under the carpet where the one wiring loom passes through. My wife was able to get them from behind the seat by lifting the carpet up where it separates between the front and back pieces. You might try your luck with that...
  2. Ok. Need a quick and dirty thumbs up or down on purchasing 2023 Diesel Gladiator Rubicon

    No truer words have ever been spoken. It's almost nauseating how many people will tell you not to buy one but have zero firsthand experience. It's even worse if you join any of the Facebook groups. Their "experience" is basically limited to comments they read about the Gen 2 motor from 10 years...
  3. 1st time Jeep owner. How to reduce body roll?

    The stock shocks are extremely soft and they last about 30k miles. I had my first set changed at 12k with stiffer ones to prevent bottoming out on my JTRD as part of the TSB. The stiffer shocks were noticeably better at first and there was no more rocking or bottoming out and my Jeep settled...
  4. am I doing something wrong in snow/ice Winter driving?

    If your tires are binding while turning you have traction and no longer need 4wd. That binding you feel is horrible for your drivetrain and transfer case. Unless the roads are completely snow covered I don't use it at all.
  5. What should I know about the 3.0

    The motor is perfectly fine. It uses a bed plate design and same block is used for boats. There is a guy using the same motor to deliver airstream trailers in a 1500 and has racked up over 400K on multiple motors. MR 506 SH3 - VM Motori
  6. So far, how many states has your Gladiator been?

    17 States total. NJ, DE, MD, PA, NY, CT, RI, MA, OH, VA, WV, TN, KY, NC, SC, GA, FLA. Longest Trip: NJ to Kew West (1400 mi) in 23 hrs only stopping for fuel. Never even turned the motor off. 26-30mpg the entire trip there and back home.
  7. Mopar Prepaid Oil Plan

    For those wanting to do your own service. You can setup your account online and log your own service records and the dealer can see them. You can also see dealer service records as well. Mopar Sign In | Official Mopar® Site I log all my info there and keep all receipts. I also take a picture...
  8. EcoDiesel Block Heater Installation

    I ordered mine from All mopar parts and you can put the VIN in to confirm. It seems the switch over was sometime during 2022 model year so it's not cut and dry 2022 or 2023. I have a 1/18/22 build date and it was the just a brass plug and I bought the old one. Cost me $60 for the heating element...
  9. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    I'm a bigger fan of shorter intervals. Regardless of oil life your basically doubling the amount of soot in the engine unless it's deleted. I would rather not drive the additional 5K miles with heavy soot loads and a filter that is potentially already at capacity. For this I change mine at 5K...
  10. Gorilla Glass Windshield Cracked For No Reason

    I have a theory that the more laid-back angle of the glass is causing the leading edge to me more exposed and chips along the edge are causing cracks that appear to come out of nowhere. The bottom edge of the windshield is much more exposed than past generations of the wrangler that were more...
  11. Hothead Headliner adhesive issues?

    What was the temperature at the time of install? If you sanded and prepped with Acetone we can only infer that it was a temp issue. I've ran two sets of these now in my JK and JT for years without issue. I bought both sets years apart and they have the same amount of 3M VHT tape - there was no...
  12. Front Tire Cupping

    I have the same exact issue on my JTRD. I just rotated it to the back. The stock Fox shocks are garbage and I'm already on my 2nd set as my first set was replaced as part of the bottoming out TSB. Only about 24K on this set of shocks. You can fight the dealer to replace it under warranty, but...
  13. Not impressed with Gladiator performance in snow

    I’m referencing axle weight. Any way you put it it’s not light in the rear. https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/diesel-lift-options-axle-weights.36045/
  14. Not impressed with Gladiator performance in snow

    Not the Gladiator. It’s actually extremely well balanced and is actually on par with a BMW 3 series sedan. You can find the numbers posted on this forum somewhere, but the Gas F/R weight distribution is just 53/47 and 54/46 for the Diesel. A BMW sedan is around 55/45 (F/R) for comparison. It’s...
  15. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    Go for it. SP is the latest and greatest API rating which is better than SN (which is also still a current rating). SN is the minimum requirement and this more than exceeds it. API | Oil Categories
  16. Dealer visit for oil leak

    Your dealer is blowing smoke up you know what and just doesn't want to work on it. As simple as that. The dealer should have no issue putting you on the list for parts, but there will be a wait. There is no Ecodiesel certification. I asked my local dealer about that and the "tech" laughed and...
  17. Death wobble band aid until spring

    If it's out of warranty why are you even trying to take it to the dealer? If you need a competent Jeep shop to quickly diagnose and fix call Globex Performance a call in Toms River.
  18. Oil pan pickup and angles

    Does the 3.6 not have an oil pressure sensor/gauge? You could test this to see when oil pressure drops and at what angle if you have offroad pages.
  19. Factory Service Manual

    I skipped some pages so not sure if it was mentioned, but it looks like you get Haynes manual for a JL at least which should cover about 80% of it for us Gladiator folks. Not sure if it includes any specifics for us Ecodiesel owners though which would be what I'm mostly interested in. The...
  20. 2020 Gladiator just went nuts

    Replace both at the same time. Your main won't last much longer and you will be in the same position if not days, weeks from now.