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  1. Gorilla glass BS!

    I found the film from grab-gard.com is really the only way I could stop broken windshields. Where I live, my jeep friends constantly are getting broken windshields without the film. With the film, it seems to be saving us money.
  2. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Wow so many great videos and pictures in this thread.
  3. Racing Optics Jeep Defense review

    Interesting, glad it is working out for you. I've been using a different brand that my ppf installer recommended that I try. It's a single layer, but thicker. He seemed to think it was the brand that lasts the longest, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm at about 10 months and I don't see any...
  4. Best Jeep Aftermarket Brands?

    Depends on what kind of parts you're looking for? Are you looking to build a hard core trail rig, mall crawler, something that off roads a bit but also is a daily driver, etc?
  5. How long did your windshield last before cracking?

    You're not kidding. They seem so fragile. I broke my first windshield within weeks of delivery. I put this film onto mine and it seems to be working well to protect it: https://www.grab-gard.com/products/jeep-wrangler-windshield
  6. First time ducked in two decades of driving Jeeps! Made my day!!!!!

    Wow, first time after 20 years! That's pretty cool.
  7. What is your lowest MPG with the Diesel?

    I'd say you're seeing better than average for your setup. Driving habits also makes huge different. 75 mph on the freeway is going to really suck it down compared to 60. Plus 75mph with a lift and big tires kind of scares me.
  8. Expanding crack on windshield. Options?

    My PPF guy suggested I use this one: https://www.grab-gard.com/products/jeep-wrangler-windshield I've been really happy with it. It's supposedly more scratch resistant according to him. So far so good.
  9. Smiles per gallon

    Ugh, when gas prices are up, I'm glad I'm never in a hurry, so can drive 60 in the slow lane. Saves a bit on mileage.
  10. Windshield Protection Film on my rig

    I'm at 9 months now and it's working good still.
  11. Safely disabling your Gladiator through fuse box?

    I'd second the tazer. It's not foolproof since they can find it and remove it, but the typical car thief wants to get in and out, to my understanding. So when it doesn't work, they'll just move on to a different one.
  12. Windshield Cracked

    That is brutal. I have protection film on mine to hopefully avoid the pain of replacing at that cost! I bought it here: https://www.grab-gard.com/products/jeep-wrangler-windshield I've got a lot of miles on it at this point and it's holding up good.
  13. Bed kitchen - how to secure?

    If it won't be mounted long term, you could also look into a "hitchenette." That keeps the bed space free. Some really cool examples if you do a search.
  14. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    They're not for everybody. But they're great if you want a 4 door, bed, and off road ability. They're really the most obvious choice for that criteria.
  15. Windshield Protection Film on my rig

    Glad to hear they honored the replacement, I've heard people complain they didn't.
  16. Jeep Vanity Plates

    Very nice
  17. Windshield

    Sucks, sorry that happened.
  18. Anything that will help maintain visibility?

    I would suggest a ceramic coating instead. Its a similar concept to Rain-X, but the more updated generation of products, it works better.
  19. Don't Open Your Email From Quadratec! (It'll Cost You)

    Lol, my guitarist friends talk about how they all have gas: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I guess we have it too, "Gear Acquisition Syndrome."
  20. Windshield Protection Film on my rig

    Its been about 7 months now. Still happy with this film. I have had a few rocks hit really hard that I thought were going to break the windshield. Two of them left little dings in the film that you can see from the outside, but I don't really notice from the inside unless I'm looking for them...