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  1. Pre RSE steps install question.

    That exactly right. Pull the fuse to reset. I drove around with a step in the down position for a while until somebody queued me in.
  2. Pre RSE steps install question.

    Let me know when it gets stuck in the down position. I have the solution.
  3. Dealer add ons $$$$

    Do you want to build one? I worked with the GM of a local dealership to build an AEV vehicle. Went super smooth and the price was the best I could find (below invoice). Let me know.
  4. Another dead JT...

    Just makes me think about reliability. I go way out. If it breaks I’m kinda screwed. I do have survival supplies and an inReach, so there’s that.
  5. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Tell me about the fans pls. We need some :)
  6. Sliders sliders sliders??

    Do you have the “additional” sliders or just the step slider?
  7. Morrflate 10-6 Compressor

    Honestly I don’t know the gauge. It is was about same as was on the compressor.
  8. Morrflate 10-6 Compressor

    Juniper Overland did it for me. It’s attached under the front bumper passenger side. No switch or breaker - it draws a lot of current so they would be BIG. I spliced the compressor pump with 2 more connectors so I can use the clamps if I need to (maybe to help air up someone else).
  9. Morrflate 10-6 Compressor

    Love the setup so far. The instruction video leaves a little to be desired. This is what I got out of it: Once the 10:6 pro is powered up I think I understand to set pressure using arrows then on/off once to pressure then on/off again to power up or stop pump. The display stays on when there...
  10. Which radio....foreal

    I’m no expert. I have two orange hand held Ruged GMRS radios, and a hard mounted CB pushing an amazing 245 watts out of the antenna (professionally tuned)! The CB is mounted on an overhead Fabtech panel.
  11. vs Lamborghini

    I test drove on in Newport Beach around 35 years ago. It seemed silly at the time. Decided not to buy.

    Those look great! I have AEV seats but if I ever build a rig from scratch that’s what I would use. Question: how did they impact the space under the seats. At the very least l plan an a radio below the front passenger seat.
  13. Stop Sale Diesel Gladiator?

    I would gladly have the pump replaced if it was available. So here is the BIG question. If I drive my Diesel Gladiator while there is this recall and the pump fails and damages the engine who is responsible?
  14. UNLOCK the GPEC 5 ECM ??

    What does unlocking the ECM do?
  15. 2022 AEV Gladiator Rubicon build

    I recently got the AEV 370 Gladiator. I also have a German Shepard and a until a year ago a St Bernard. I added the tall goose gear rear seat delete. My question: how do you get the Bearnie in the back seat?
  16. Public drunkenness, disorderly conduct leads to 233 arrests at annual Jeep Weekend in Galveston Texas. 50+ people rushed to hospital

    Hey, OctoberFest in Munich pulls it off. Lots of really drunk people not fighting. I guess it doesn’t hurt that last call is at 9pm.
  17. Tillamook 2023 Jeep Jamboree

    Where is more onfo?
  18. Anyone ever use this compressor?

    Which is why I brought it up in the first place. I have it pre-ordered for delivery in June. Seems like a great alternative to the ARB dual compressor with an ARB pressure controller. Way way cheaper too, especially for me as I’m not too good at doing installations.
  19. Anyone ever use this compressor?

    I think the non Pro (smirk) version has been out for a while. https://morrflate.com/shop/air-sources/portable-compressors/morrflate-tensix-portable-12v-off-road-air-compressor/