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  1. Mopar Cabin Air Filter For Diesel

    As a heads up for anyone looking to replace their cabin air filter on the diesel, it appears even Mopar doesn't know which part it takes. I ordered the following part for my 2022 JTRD and when I popped out the old filter it was substantially bigger than the one I received. At first, I thought...
  2. Turbo failure?

    My vehicle has developed a chirp at 6k miles that has slowly gotten progressively worse. It used to only chirp intermittently on shut down, but now it does it all the time over the last week or so. I have 13k miles now. It chirps anytime you feather the throttle and will even do it at idle. You...
  3. Door Hinge Corrosion

    Will Jeep ever get this right ? I have a 2022 that is only 9 months old and the paint is already bubbling on the top driver door hinge with no rock chips whatsoever. I guess the rubber shim they finally decided to add after all these years is worthless if they still don't prep it right.
  4. When did 2022 production start?

    Does anyone know when 2022 models began production? I believe it was Oct or November. I'm trying to work on the fix for the diesel bottoming out the issue and apparently the TSB only covers 2021 model years, but the TSB calls out vehicles manufactured before February 14th which would obviously...