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  1. When it's battery replacement time what are you choosing?

    I used to buy optimas but their quality took a shit a few years ago. On my wrangler that mostly sits the cheapest walmart battery has pasted 3x longer than the optima ever did.
  2. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    Was out this weekend near Cheyenne mountain area..
  3. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    I also broke the clips. But i epoxied them back together and cut to fit. Ended up not keeping it in though since it was sinpler without it.

    It came out of my dodge ram i had before but i cut it down to fit. Its ugly but works.
  5. Color matched bed liner

    Here you go. I got it done a year ago by a rhinoliner dealer and havent washed it in a month, currently camping so its a bit dirty.
  6. Color matched bed liner

    I have a gator jt and color matched bedliner. Its cool and all but one thing i dont like is if i happen to gouge and need replacement it will be expensive. The color match bedliner uses factory paint so youd have to pay for a pint of pint for the repair shop to fix a problem, where as black...
  7. North Texas pricing July 2021

    I bought mine before the pandemic so things have probably changed. But even without considering inventory issues no dealer in dfw was willing to deal. I ended up ordering from mac haik in George town at their forum advertised discount.
  8. Is there a documented top speed when running 4H Auto or 4H Oart-time?

    I've had mine up to 65mph in 4hi. It was during the ice storm and forgot to take it out once I got out of a sketch area. no issues, but I wouldn't do it again if i were paying again.
  9. Backup camera when the tailgate is down?

    You just need something like this to stick on when the tailgate is down.
  10. Which of these Moab trails would you choose?

    With 7 or 8 days you can do them all, depending on traffic. Theyre all fun and cant go wrong with any of them.
  11. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    I was having too much fun and didnt get any video of it in action.
  12. Badlands Apex- $374.99- Great price on a 12,000lb Winch

    Hey boomer, this is a thread for people interested in the apex winch. Not Warn chinese winches, or overpriced american Warn, or superwinch. Take your hate elsewhere. Better yet go start a thread about your superior warn winch and show whoever cares why its superior.
  13. Badlands Apex- $374.99- Great price on a 12,000lb Winch

    Or i can buy, break and replace the apex 6x times for the cost of one premium warn non chinese version. Sorry i havent seen anyone with such a bad record going through 6x, or even more than 2x apex wench. Ill take my chances. You pay for your over priced products and ill use my extra savings on...
  14. Badlands Apex- $374.99- Great price on a 12,000lb Winch

    Never, cause no one is paying a premium name brand price for chinese made stuff to have the same fail rate as other chinese made equipment.
  15. So, what is everybody towing?

    Same. We had a mini max before and this is head and shoulders better design, layout and comfort than the MM. Mm was still great for its price.
  16. So, what is everybody towing?

    I like the graphics. I bought my tab used but the po didnt order graphics. Its kjnd of boring without anything.
  17. So, what is everybody towing?

    First tow with new trailer. Had a liberty outdoor before this nucamp tab 400.
  18. Air ride rear suspension

    Check out airlift airbags. Theyll reduce jounce youre expering. I had the same experience, esp carring a load.
  19. Large alternator in tow package question

    You could always try one of these from the jt poqer source to the trailer.