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  1. periodic issue with driver door lock button on handle

    SO I periodically have this issue that my drivers door handle button, does not work to lock the door. It works some times, other times it doesn't, seems like no ryme or reason why, different locations. FOB works all the time, when I grab the door handle it automatically unlocks, so not sure what...
  2. Something coming from Ursa Minor

    I was just over at the Ursa Minor website https://ursaminorvehicles.com/j30-pop-up-camper-jl-2.html and seems like they are working on a gladiator version, not much on the site other than a mention on the JK/ JL top that they currently offer.....this is what they are stating " We will offer a...
  3. Canada - BC Overland Stock wheels and tires

    Selling my 4 stock overland wheels and tires inlcuding spare with steel wheel, less than 5000 KM or roughly 3100 miles, can ship but purchaser must pay for shipping......$400 OBO, currently stored indoors
  4. Fellow Canadian Military Engineers

    Good Day and Happy Anniversary to my Fellow Canadian Military Engineers!!! (if there are any on this site) 29 April 2022, is the 119th Anniversary of the Canadian Military Engineers, which originated from the creation of the Canadian Engineer Corps in 1903. Many significant events have...
  5. Shocking new gas prices [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS. VIOLATORS BANNED]

    Woke up this morning and local Gas prices have shot up nearly 40cents per litre. we are now paying nearly $2.00 per litter for regular gas. Conversion factor and it is $6.12 US per Gallon, which equates to $134.64 US to fill a tank, yikes....how can we afford to drive around and have fun in our...
  6. Jeep travel items?

    Does anyone know of any suppliers of jeep travel items like luggage tags?
  7. After 4 years just got ducked

    After just over four years of jeep ownership I went out to my JT this morning on my way to work and found this little guy on the door handle.
  8. For those complaining about gas pricing right now

    So I just watched a clip on CNN that the average price of Gas per gallon is about $3.44 or close to that. Well.......on the northern side of the border (at least where I live) we are now paying on average $1.67/ liter or $6.33 per gallon........$6.33 people, that is ridiculous, and it is only...
  9. Bed liner as paint finish

    Anyone get their rig painted with bed liner and have some tips/ willing to share their experience? Looking at getting this done but would need to find a shop locally willing to do a decent job, not just mask off some parts and spray away, b ut actual take off fenders, hood, box and paint it right.
  10. Looking for post

    Looking for a post that showed how to install a USB port in the small tray on the top of the dash, want to do this, but cannot seem to find it.
  11. My Build List as I see it now

    So I've been looking for some time on the forum, to get my list straightened out, looking at options, checking pricing, going over what I think I want and/or need to make my rig, mine and what I would like. I do not intend to go full out offroading, just like to have a bit of protection if I do...
  12. signal switch issues

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I engage my signal lights and it periodically does not disengage when turn is complete, either direction, no matter the amount of turn or not. I understand that on a gradual turn with signals on sometimes it does not disengage, but I'm talking like a full...
  13. Where is Maximus-3 and its racking?? Helllooooo, McMaximus

    Previous posts have been locked for further comment...so I'm starting this new one. The Movie Ferris Bueler's day off comes to mind when the teacher is searching for him. Bueler…Bueler...has anyone seen Bueler. So back in Aug/ Sept @Maximus-3 mentioned that the release of their overland rack...
  14. Recommendation for high clearance fenders with LED turn signals ?

    anyone have a good suggestion for aftermarket high clearance fender flares with integrated led turn signals for the front?? looking to replace my stock overland ones.
  15. Alucab Khaya fitment

    Has anyone thought about getting one of these Khaya campers? The wife wants to have the ability to have interior space, and access to sleeping are without having to do anything outside...we go to areas with high Grizzly and cougar sightings and she would like to know that she is safe when...
  16. underbody protection suggestions

    looking to see what is out there for underbody protection.....is there anything that is one piece that does a decent job at protecting the underbody/ vital components of the JT, or would I be searching for each bolt on piece to protect my purchase from rocks and such?
  17. capability for trails with no lift

    I have a JT Overland with no lift and 33" tires, going to put skid plates and rock rails, I do not have the $$ for lift yet, as it gets really $$$$$ here in Canada. Anyone know the capability of the JT to do some of the Badge of Honour trails without lifts or >33" tires?? I do not want to wait...
  18. Canadian Graphics

    Anyone know where to get Canadian based graphics, lots of sites offer American flag/ content graphics, but nothing for Canadians.....