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  1. No lift 40’s…….

    I wasn't. Lol . I love those wheels , too much offset for my setup .
  2. No lift 40’s…….

    Hell no ! Contrast required
  3. Ready to drive it off a cliff….need help…suspension!!!!

    Check your steering box bolts , balljoints/nuts .
  4. Ready to drive it off a cliff….need help…suspension!!!!

    While I agree the tracbar looks suspect . OP had DW before the trac bar install . I would put your stock tires and wheels on and go for a drive . See how it does . Are you actually experiencing true DW or is it a heavy vibration or bumpsteer . Bump steer should be non existent at that lift height .
  5. Another Oracle flush taillight failure . Surprise !!

    Update . I received my new taillights promptly . I have not installed them yet . I'll update as soon as I do .
  6. Another Oracle flush taillight failure . Surprise !!

    Everything I have purchased other than the tails has worked out great. So far oracle has been very responsive both on the boards and via the warranty claim dept. I'll update results as they progress . But at least something positive to report.
  7. Another Oracle flush taillight failure . Surprise !!

    So against my better judgement I purchased a set of oracle JT flush taillights . I waited for a bit to see feedback from a larger sample size . Of course I read about all the issues from cracked housings to operational gremlins. I already had a tazer and jscan , so I figured I'd throw caution...
  8. Yokohama Geolander X-MT

    I've got probably 3k or so on my 37x13.50s . They are pretty damn impressive as far as noise , ride and tracking . Road snow and rain have not been an issue , really good actually. One look at these and a person would never believe me (us) .
  9. Please tell me this wasn't one of you...

    Must have been a former wrangler owner operating on pure muscle memory.😂 Damn I've been waiting for that perfect opportunity to talk some trash. Wait I own a wrangler too 🤔.
  10. How it started...and how it's going. Post yours!

    Kinda disorganized, but the low def stock photo is a rare sighting my stock gladiator in the wild . The third pic was one week after I purchased it and was on 37s with 2 3/4" front and 3/4" rear lift . The second pic was 4" front and 2" rear springs and 38s Current setup ( will update pics...
  11. Yoko XMT tire

    For kicks I got a set of 37x13.50r17 Yokohama XMTs. This is pretty much an unboxing opinion since I've only put about 500mi of mixed driving on them . First impression is for how aggressive these are they're absolutely no louder than any other typical MT tire I've ran . The run smooth and track...
  12. Re-gearing question: 37's with 5:13 or 4:88 gears?

    This makes zero sense to me . Chalk that up to a bad install. I've driven form Detroit to Colorado springs at 80 pretty much entire way , wheeled and drove back 80 . Zero issues .
  13. Re-gearing question: 37's with 5:13 or 4:88 gears?

    5.13 and never looked back . 1000s of miles driven from sea level to 14000' . Flat to mountains , rocks to mud and sand . I would have regretted 4.88s . There is no argument for 4.88s IMO . At least in a gladiator. 5.13s are like 4.88s with some reserve for towing , elevation , wind , ect. If...
  14. Best fender chop kit?

    I run quake but still haven't split the fenders and have stock liners . Really cleans up the fenders . Quakes have been great fit and function. The brackets need seasonal painting up in the rust belt.
  15. Suspension Lift Basics, Recommendations?

    in leu of my own ignorance, I would consider 2" front synergy spring and a 3/4 block out back , add a 1" bump in front. Stick with a 285/75r17 . You could probably leave the rest alone . Maybe a set of front shock extensions to get some down travel back . Or you could spend a lot more and get...
  16. Suspension Lift Basics, Recommendations?

    I missed that didn't I , lol. Well the info still applies I suppose .
  17. Suspension Lift Basics, Recommendations?

    If your not getting crazy with added travel . Save yourself some cash run the stock arms with relocation brackets , front/rear shock extension brackets. I would run a synergy 3" front and 2 " rear spring or Rusty's 1.5" block , Mopar extended or similar sway bar links . Make or buy some bumpstop...
  18. So what did you name your Gladiator?

    The "dumpster "
  19. Traded JT for JL rubi with 2.0

    IDK what all hostility is about . Folks are allowed to an opinion. It's a simple observation to the OPs experience. What I have found in my own experience of owning a JLR 6spd , JLU auto 2.0 , and JTR auto V6 , is the 2.0 ( non etorgue) is a noisy little thing that absolutely puts down better...