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  1. Owners with 40k+ miles on their 37s

    actually more but should have been replaced at 50k.
  2. Owners with 40k+ miles on their 37s

    Nitto ridge grapplers currently, 2nd set now. 68k previous truck Toyo Open Country MT, 3 sets total 145k
  3. Mojave Harsh Ride after OEM Steel Bumper and Warn Zeon S10 install

    your probably bottoming out on the bump stops
  4. DPF hole/broken mounting bracket

    that is exactly where mine is broken. On regen it will smoke. still have not had mine fixed. they had it all day last wednesday and didnt even touch it
  5. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Im fine with telling everyone to back to...... I am back, nvr left, still doing what i do. Missed the boom you could say. coulda shoulda woulda Boat will be in a few months and that will do for now
  6. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    11K in Fl property tax? thats some high living (most likely on the water), my taxes are $1500yr! I wont move, no need to triple my taxes for a new house currently. where is the benefit? 7% is on the 1st $3K(maybe 5K), then 6 or 6.5%..
  7. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    holly smokes, who votes for these "taxes". Sale is a sale, which means sales tax. one and done! They (not me) voted a $.01 tax for roads, after was ruled unconstitutional they pissed the money away. anywho, dont move to Florida we are full (of dumb asses)
  8. Issue with ride quality on 24x14 wheels paired with 6" lift

    I turned 40k miles with 3" spring and RC lower control arms. Just install Clayton front arms and springs, the RC lower joint are worn out! All highway (only seen on 3 trails) just sharing my personal experience.
  9. Anyone experienced codes like these?

    a known issue is a wiring harness under the passenger fender can touch the exhaust and melt wiring. Its worth 2 minutes to look up from the ground just behind passenger fender, above the exhaust. seems a harness attacthment point can come loose causing all kinds of issues! edit: this maybe a...
  10. (delete if possible) ignore this

    address? Im hungry now!
  11. Blown front speakers or fuse?

    disconnect fender grd and reconnect or let truck sit til it sleeps/reboots
  12. Rare colors

    Seems these cool colors are not available in High Altitude models, I tried to build one on the website last week
  13. Focal Speakers

    also make sure your treble in the Eq settings is flat(or close to it) before adjusting the xover itself
  14. Service 4WD System

    does your start/stop always work? IF no charge your batteries seperately or replace them. I have had similiar issue but lights stay on and its been the battery most of the time. once or twice I couldnt drive over 30mph, luckly close to home. disconnect the battery neg- seem to clear it enough...
  15. Focal Speakers

    does the xover have tweeter adjustments? some have +/-3 db settings
  16. Smoky Mountain Jeep invasion 2023

    My son and I took road trip to Windrock in 2021. We were defeated by 51 (as rookies) and we need redemption! lol I'm down for a road trip in June.
  17. 20th anniversary Rubicon 4xe shows new grille design

    Agreed, I dont hate it. Like to see one in matte finish.
  18. Diesel no longer available to order!

    Batteries, MPPT and a few xtra panels problem solved! I plan on building a solar setup in the next few months.
  19. Diesel no longer available to order!

    IMO, people who purchase EV vehicles should be required to install solar in the home to charge said vehicle. Yeah I know, just makes to much common sense!
  20. Anyone w/ ICON or Clayton gasser springs on Diesel?

    i lifted mine before the diesel spring released. originally bought teraflex dual sport 3.5" and run a 1.5" spacer. just changes to clayton diesel 2.5". gained .5/1" with new springs using the same spacer.. old spring seem to only give about 2-2.5" with the bumper and winch plus they rode a...