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  1. Pulling Right After Tire install

    I installed a Mopar 2” lift w/ 3/4” daystar spacers in the front, kept the factory rubi wheel and tire set up and drove around for a day then had the Jeep dealership do an alignment. At that point everything was golden. The Jeep drove straight and felt just like stock. I then installed some new...
  2. Utah Sold: Rubi take offs, wheels and tires

    Set of 5 tires Falken Wildpeak AT’s with 4 rubi wheels. Tires have 20,000 miles on them and the spare has not been used. $800
  3. Adjustable track bar = alignment?

    I just installed a mopar 2” lift. Everything is riding good but I have noticed a little axle shift. I’ve already had an alignment after the lift install. If I go back now and add an adjustable track bar will I need to have another alignment?
  4. Utah Sold: N-Fab Rock Rails

    N-fab rock rails with step. $200
  5. Utah Rubicon take off Suspension

    All components from the rubicon suspension. $300. Pick up only.
  6. Rubi Rock Rails Effectiveness

    I'm trying to decide how useful the Rubi rock rails are on the trail. I like to idea of picking up some frame mounted sliders, but....do I need them? I've hit a few trails and scuffed up the factory rails a bit but nothing too serious yet. For those of you that have put the factory Rubi rock...
  7. Taking Aux switches from JL & installing in JT

    I’m looking to remove the AUX switches from my 2020 JLUR and install them in my JTR. Has anyone done this before and if so is this an exact match/fit?
  8. Indiana Sold: Rubicon Rock Rails

    Rubicon rock rails for sale, located in central Indiana. Asking $200