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  1. Changing to bed liner color

    you can. The bullet dealer that did my liner a week ago told me about this. The problem is that its easy to come off if you actually use the bed.
  2. 38" tires fit!!

    Thanks guys... i'll try to grab some more pictures and post them. As for rubbing/etc - no rubbing at full left/right lock or on street driving at all. I haven't taken her on more than dirt roads so far (only 400 miles) so not sure if there is rubbing off road but it looks like it should be...
  3. Ohio Stock Rubicon Gladiator Bumper

    Make me an offer - i don't really know what these go for. thx
  4. Ohio Gladiator Rubicon Wheels/Tires (5 total)

    thanks. Reused them on the new wheels/tires
  5. Ohio Gladiator Rubicon Wheels/Tires (5 total)

    Sure - here are the pictures of the tires
  6. Ohio Stock Rubicon Gladiator Bumper

    Yes i do. Only on the truck for a few days.
  7. 38" tires fit!!

    The spare won't fit well unfortunately. May have to look for another solution for a spare this big.
  8. 38" tires fit!!

    Thanks. Its 76" total without the hardtop. Don't have the top on now or i would measure for you.
  9. Ohio Stock Rubicon Gladiator Bumper

  10. 38" tires fit!!

    I picked up my truck yesterday and the dealer had already installed the 2" lift earlier that day. Drove strait to the tire shop to swap on what i had ordered a few weeks ago. Toyo MT 38x13.5x18 tires. Wheels are 9" with -12mm offset. Tires fit perfect in my opinion. Working on removing the...
  11. Ohio Stock Rubicon Gladiator Bumper

    I have the 1 piece bumper for sale after going aftermarket. In great shape. Best Offer In the Cincinnati area.
  12. Ohio Stock Gladitor Rubicon Suspension Parts

    Upgraded to the Mopar 2" lift and have all the original parts in the cool wooden case that the new stuff came in. Asking 400 obo. In the Cincinnati area. Also have tires/wheels/bumper available. thanks
  13. Ohio Gladiator Rubicon Wheels/Tires (5 total)

    I have all the tires available from my gladiator. Its the base wheels with AT tires + spare. Less than 100 miles on them. Located in Cincinnati. 1500 takes them.
  14. Stuck in KZ Status

    Well mine still hasn't come in however my Dealer was awesome and got a truck in that was almost the same and offered me the same deal i had on the one i ordered. So i picked it up yesterday and its great. Already put on lift, new wheels, tires and bumper. This truck rocks!!!
  15. 38 vs 37 inch tires

    I have seen a bunch of threads on 35 versus 37 but haven't seen much on the 38" use. I don't quite yet have my truck (hopefully any day now) but already have a set of 38x13.5" Toyo's ready on 18" rims. I am putting the 2" mopar lift on the truck. Has anyone else used these tires with this...
  16. Stuck in KZ Status

    All, I ordered my truck 5/3 or so. Been stuck in KZ since the end of may (roughly 30 days as of now). My dealer told me today that they moved a ton of trucks into storage to avoid some of the potential hail damage but now are backlogged. Not sure if that is 100% accurate or not. I still...