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  1. Are you my new neighbor?

    Someone moved in nearby. Been seeing this but haven't seen the person.
  2. The guy she tells you not to worry about

    Guy just pulled up in his Ford F150 Shelby Raptor Baja. Knock off all three of those spare tires and he might not get stuck. Thoughts on this truck? See raptors all over but never a shelby baja.
  3. Expecting!

    So my wife and I are expecting our second kid. I decided to tell my dad by making a Jeep family tree starting with him (including spouses). Decided to put the year we were each born and correspond it to the correct model Jeep. There’s a little analyzing involved but I’m sure he’ll see it...
  4. The Lost City - 6x6

    Gladiator 6x6 making a cameo in a new trailer for The Lost City. Can be seen around the 1:11 mark. Hope it doesn’t get blown up. Is this a villain’s vehicle?
  5. Trashed Jeep

    How many of you have had trash thrown in your jeep while unattended with roof and/or doors off? Was out a couple days ago riding neked and ended up going to dinner with a friend. Came out and there was trash in it of which was a bottle half filled with liquid and the other half all over the...