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  1. Using selec-speed control as poor-man’s lockers.

    @ShadowsPapa nicknamed it, "Duck Mode." It only actuates in 4Lo. I've used it with great results in snow. A word of caution: if you're high-centered, or don't have some traction, DO NOT try it: it'll run the throttle up trying to increase speed, and the wheels will just spin! Kevin
  2. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    High grade stainless steel won't hold a magnet. A good quick way to test for stainless steel. Kevin
  3. JT 3Wliners window control module install.

    I did some searching the other day, to no avail. You can try contacting 3WLiners (I contacted him in the past through eBay) and see what’s up. Or try a generic module and fabricate your own harness. Kevin
  4. Mods: Regrets and Required

    No luck with the 3W Liners version, but there's a generic... https://www.amazon.com/Awzsunny-Module-Roll-Locking-Security-Universal/dp/B077918ZSQ Kevin
  5. Opions on this

    A set of these... Kevin
  6. USB Ports and AA Wireless Adapters

    I don't worry about it... Kevin
  7. Opions on this

    You need one of these on the tailgate... Kevin
  8. Rain & Muddy Water Deflectors for Mirrors or Doors

    Don't drive in the mud & rain... Seriously, if someone has an answer, I'd be interested too. Kevin
  9. Mods: Regrets and Required

    Must-have mods (in no particular order): -Headliner for noise & insulation. I went with Hot Heads, but others (Incl. OEM) are available. -Some sort of steps for the short wife. I've got the nFab nerf steps. I like the look, but I've already had to replace them once due to corrosion. -Better...
  10. Bed covers recommendations?

    I've said it before, the Truxedo Lo Pro is a great cover. I've been using them since 2006. The LoPro has a lifetime warranty, and they mean it. The cover I have on my SuperDuty has been nearly completely rebuilt under warranty; no questions asked. A great cover with second-to-none customer...
  11. Blind Spot Monitor Constantly On

    Ice or dirt on the sensors will cause this, but it wasn't the issue with the OP. Kevin
  12. Hmmmm...

    Yeah, crappy. Once I got out of the headwind, and slowed to ~65mph, my average mileage went up to 18mpg, and that's with the last 150 miles of a 2700 mile trip at the, "Improved," conditions. Kevin
  13. Hmmmm...

    Number of the beast? Ignore the crappy mileage, I'm running winter tires into a stiff headwind. Kevin
  14. Options for tapping into interior light switch

    The interior lights (I assume you mean the likes of the dome light) are controlled by the BCM (Body Control Module) which takes inputs from all the concerned switches and sends the appropriate voltage to lamps (LEDs.) Here's the wiring diagram for the JL, which will give you an idea of what...
  15. Hood Locks. - Easy Install

    Yup... I had a set very similar to these, and the, "Stainless steel," locks & pins were rusting within 3 months. Kevin
  16. Pcv valve

    Oh, you mean a road draft tube... There's a reason they're no longer used. Kevin
  17. Alpine soundbar upgrade advice.

    The Alpine audio system uses a different, separate amplifier, with separate channels (bass & treble) for each of the 4 pairs of speakers. Kevin
  18. I guess I’m experiencing the dreaded DEATH WOBBLE

    My Sport S had some left front wheel shimmy in sub-zero temperature two winters ago when I'd hit a road defect. Once the temperature warmed up (over 10º) the problem went away. The dealer replaced the steering damper (seems their fix for nearly any front end issues) and the problem has not...
  19. Oil dip stick

    You’re not supposed to pull the engine oil dipstick while it’s running. You’ll effectively create a vacuum leak due to the PCV system. Kevin
  20. Anybody have a clue what this is?

    Cut off the heatshrink and see what it really is. Kevin