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  1. Outer Banks weekend trip.

    Always a good time, we use to go in April on a regular basis for bike week, but that isn't a big event there anymore.
  2. Outer Banks weekend trip.

    I can't help ya with the "in a van, down by the river" stay. :LOL: We have alway done the VRBO thing.
  3. Outer Banks weekend trip.

    Just do a search for Corolla and beach access, you will find info and requirements. On the way in, there will be an area to park for airing down and another area on the way out that provides free air to pump back up. It's a blast, drive smart and you'll be ok.
  4. Rotella on sale at Tractor Supply

    Had to get myself a couple buckets, hopefully this will help some folks out. This was at the Reidsville, NC location. Could be available at other locations.
  5. Kenda Klever AT2 tread separation

    No warranty was purchased. This is going to be one I will have to eat I do believe, all in the fine print.
  6. Kenda Klever AT2 tread separation

    Thankfully the other four are holding up good with about 5k miles on them. Now had I bought them through my local Wally-World store, i think a replacement would have been issued. Something for folks to keep in mind for the future, if Walmart ever has another crazy tire sale again, go through...
  7. Kenda Klever AT2 tread separation

    Figured I would be caught in the middle, so let the games begin. Kenda will not honor warranty because they say Walmart.com is not an authorized dealer, Walmart.com said the purchase was over 90 days old and Walmart store said I would have to deal with Walmart.com.
  8. Kenda Klever AT2 tread separation

    I have contacted Kenda through their website, hopefully they will respond soon.
  9. Kenda Klever AT2 tread separation

    Less than 10 miles, was my spare and first time on road doing that 5 tire rotation thing. Hopefully the folks @KendaTire can help.
  10. Rubicon Wildpeak realistic mileage

    Yup, that's about the price of one new tire. A good deal for four tires, even better if it's five. As mentioned, check for uneven wear.
  11. Another ESS/Battery Question

    In the same boat with the start/stop not working. It has seen the service department at least 6 or more times for this issue and it's there now, since Monday of last week. It is deeply frustrating on both sides that this issue has yet to be resolved. Per the service department, both batteries...
  12. IBS reset and charging batteries

    I've been dealing with the start/stop not working for well over a year. Truck has been in the shop for over a week this time, at least the 6th or 8th trip to the shop for this issue. The last update on this was the possibilities of the ibs might be bad. The main and auxiliary batteries are said...
  13. Jeep 3 piece Suit.

    YO Holmes, you ain't the only one, we have owned a few Jeeps over the years too. Along with the Gladiator, still have a 95YJ we bought new and to this day we don't have any shirts, hats, can coolers, stickers, etc. that has Jeep stamped on it. Now, don't ask about my stash of Harley shit!!!!
  14. Roof leak in back

    Sure thing, will shoot for tomorrow when I have some daylight.
  15. Roof leak in back

    Yeah, these are glued in so not much I can help with here.
  16. Roof leak in back

    Nothing that I can tell.
  17. Roof leak in back

    Hade mine replaced last Monday, rained all day yesterday, so far so good.
  18. Quadratec QRC Front Bumper Questions

    Good looking bumper, almost pulled the trigger on that one myself.
  19. Auto Stop/Start Stopped working.

    Yeah man, thanks. I too believe 12.4v is a touch low but not excessive. Even though it is a headache on both sides, this is an issue that needs to be solved, though sometimes I think it is costing me more than Jeep. Now, old school logic says that an increase in voltage = decrease in amperage...