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  1. Towed new 4300lb camper in 30-50mph winds

    Be sure to watch the weight of that suitcase so you don’t go over payload.
  2. Towed new 4300lb camper in 30-50mph winds

    Are you still on stock 4:10 gears. Just curious about frame of reference. Thanks.
  3. Sugar in gas tank, help!

    They don’t think that far ahead… just like the polyester clothes they wear.
  4. Trail Badges? Where are you putting them?

    Free toys… the kids love ‘em.
  5. B.F. Goodrich KO3 Question

    Here it is: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/bf-goodrich-ko2-vs-ko3.121104/post-2526630
  6. B.F. Goodrich KO3 Question

    There was a post on the JL forum and I think discount tire said May
  7. Let's see your 40" Tires!

    Is this with the stock standard width axles? Looks like a sport from the grill and rear bumper, but with the rubi flares? How much backspacing did you have to run to not rub if they are the standard width axles? Thanks!
  8. 38's are the Goldilocks of tires (owner review)

    @RodRecket, any time in the snow with these yet?
  9. Perfect Wheel Backspacing for 37's on 2" Lift - Rubi Diesel Axles / Fenders

    I didn't see it anywhere, but what rim are you running?
  10. Tailgate Tent

    So the DAC tent doesn’t fit the JT with the RSI. Also, very rude customer service. I’ve been eyeballing this one next. Local CO person that sews them. https://spiritof1876.com/products/topper-tent-mid-size-v2?_pos=1&_sid=96083a8e6&_ss=r&variant=42711089021103
  11. When it's battery replacement time what are you choosing?

    $180 Wally World special. Also benefited from deleting the Aux.
  12. 3.6 Engine Tick

    Just more of a data point… if they can’t get something such as the oil level correct, what else are they messing up when they have the engine apart… torque specs, parts, etc. I do my own maintenance, but this was done while they replaced the cam.
  13. 3.6 Engine Tick

    So just dumped the oil after the cam replacement. Sure enough, the dealership overfilled it by a quart. Even after this long they are still overfilling these. I know, I know… my fault for not checking it when I got it back. Glad I only ran it a couple hundred miles.
  14. 3.6 Engine Tick

    Received the Blackstone report back. Iron 48 PPM vs their universal average of 18 PPM. Moot issue now that the cam has been replaced, but it definitely showed up in the analysis. Guess I’ll stop being lazy and start doing regular samples each oil change in case it starts to go south again...
  15. Camping with your Gladiator

    Trying out the new setup. Late in the season and way colder than anticipated.
  16. Adding spacers to MOPAR LIFT

    I added a 1/2” spacer to the mopar lift up front after the steel bumper and winch dropped it 1/2” over stock. Still has rake and I can still load up the bed without it pointing to the sky.
  17. 3.6 Engine Tick

    And when I was talking to the service manager about this, he just rolled his eyes and said, “that’s the pentastar for you” in referencing the cams. Said they do these all the time and have a stock pile of parts for it.
  18. 3.6 Engine Tick

    Yeah, I was surprised about that piece too. All for new parts while they are working on it. They mentioned not seeing a valve cover oil leak. I told them that’s okay, you’ll be fixing it when you do the cam.
  19. 3.6 Engine Tick

    As I was telling the kid SA that, I was thinking to myself he will never understand that.
  20. 3.6 Engine Tick

    Here's the parts list