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  1. P026D - The saga continues

    Isn't P026D the one that we normally get with altitude? I throw a P026D (at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is, from memory) like clockwork every time I go from home (3500 ft) to the mountains (7-9k feet) and re-fuel. Eventually turns itself off after a couple days, or I clear it, or I...
  2. Would you buy a diesel gladiator again?

    Just hit 40k on this last ski trip. Aside from the one electrical issue I had when brand new (loose ground, nothing to do with it being diesel), I've had ZERO problems. It's my ski rig, so it sees very cold temps during the season. Keep it fed with Opti-Lube on every tank, and it's been...
  3. Cold start

    This is why I just do remote start when it's cold. Times everything (glow plugs, etc) for you.
  4. Doing my HPFP recall today

    Could possibly be the Z96 vs 01A or whatever the two different recall codes. Mine was Z96.
  5. Doing my HPFP recall today

    Can't be. Mine was built around March '21 and got recalled.
  6. Doing my HPFP recall today

    Dude, we get it. Your experience sucks. You've posted all over this site to that effect. That isn't the case for everyone. Mine was done and over with for a bit now. We get it. Sucks to be in your situation. But spamming this site isn't going to change it. Grin and bare it. You're...
  7. HPFP Replacement Recall - Post Fix Review

    Got mine done Monday. Just the pump. Ordered parts last week, came in about 3 days. Dropped the jeep off at 7:30, picked it up at noon. If you read my post in the other thread, you'd know I was very skeptical. Honestly, WAY smoother and quicker than I expected. Knock on wood. No...
  8. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    My dealer said the same thing. 3 days later, pump was in. No inspection. Deemed not contaminated.
  9. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    Truck is in the shop and getting the new pump. Service sent me a bunch of pics of the new pump. P/N CSSMZ461AA. Showing 2 dimples on the first row, 4 dimples on the second row.
  10. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    Got a text saying my pump is in. Just have to setup an an appointment to get it done. Nervous AF about it. I trust NO ONE to work on my vehicles. Chances are, everything will turn out just fine. But I've seen what they've done with one (and only) of the free oil changes...
  11. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    Glad I called parts directly. Had gone into the service department, filled out my paperwork to get things started. They said they'd get with parts to get everything ordered. But they didn't seem too sure of themselves. So I call parts today to see if it did get ordered and ETA. Long story...
  12. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    Wonder what the difference between 01A and Z96 is. My Jeep app showed available for Z96. Went into the dealer to get myself on the list. We'll see.
  13. Engine Cleaning

    I'm saying that chemicals designed to break up oils are going to be harsh on things made of oil. By definition. You can argue whether you think the amount of degradation is negligible or not, in your opinion, and that could very well be negligible. But again, chemicals designed to break up...
  14. Engine Cleaning

    I really try and avoid Simple Green as much as possible. I mean it's a degreaser, and it's a good/safe one. But by definition, it's drying out plastics. That's what it's designed to do. I TRY and keep my engine bay, undercarriage, etc clean enough to not have to use Simple Green. Don't...
  15. Engine Cleaning

    Never had a problem doing just that. Do yourself a favor, order some of this stuff: You can order it directly from Superior, or through O'Reilly's. Wash your engine bay down, then hose it down with that stuff diluted to about 4:1. I've found NOTHING even close to this stuff. I believe...

    They (S&B) post independent ISO testing of all three (OEM, oiled, dry) for flow, filtration, capacity. Hard to argue with that.

    Just installed. Pretty easy install. My 3rd or 4th S&B. Definitely hear the turbo a lot more now, and has a tiny little rumble at idle. It's kinda funny. I had no fitment issues. I think I can understand how one might. The clocking of the intake tube is not very intuitive, and I can see...

    I got mine in, but then left town for the weekend. I'll be installing probably tomorrow. The reason I went with one was the surprising effect that an even slightly dirty OEM filter had. Threw a code, went into limp, etc. And the filter was barely dirty, not exactly caked up. I couldn't...
  19. S&B intake

    Just ordered mine and it'll be here Tuesday.
  20. Armorlite regrets?

    Did Armorlite this weekend. Laid a few squares of Killamat while everything was out and accessible. SIGNIFICANTLY quieter. Whole jeep just feels "tighter", for lack of a better description. Zero issues during install. An hour to strip, an hour laying killamat and an hour installing...