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  1. O

    Wife‘s giving me the silent treatment. Just read 19 pages of this thread laughing my ass off. She‘s twice as pissed now that I’m enjoying myself. God bless you people.
  2. Doors locking on their own...

    Both non Jeep vehicles with same problem. One was a faulty door switch (plunger). Other was a spill that shorted the lock button on the door. The plunger situation was only figured out because the interior light would trigger when I hit a bump. You can disconnect each door in order to see if the...
  3. Is the Gladiator a bad investment

    Excellent investment. 1. Cheaper than a psychiatrist and provides real therapy. 2. Auto loan is probably 10x less interest than credit card debt for useless crap you would buy to fill the Jeep-less hole in your life. 3. You will drive it frequently and won’t be drinking beer while doing...
  4. Best AT Snow Tires?

    Toyo Open Country AT3. 3 peak rated and all that jazz
  5. Talk me into a Sunrider

    Ordered from Quadratec Monday night. Delivered by FedEx and installed by noon today. I’m only on the other side of Philly from Quadratec so it’s not probably the norm.
  6. Anyone running these Flare Extensions? USA supplier?

    What paint did you go with? Rattle can or professionally?
  7. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    Waved in my JK. Still wave in the JT. Best part is the look on Jeoples faces when I wave at them, forgetting I’m in my KIA.
  8. Can we talk about 2 things ?

    I was just gonna type the same thing. Too funny.
  9. Auxiliary Battery Jump

    I’ll be renewing my AAA membership tomorrow after reading this thread. Probably post my jumper cables in the “for sale“ section too.
  10. Whining noise when driving Gladiator

    Going by your profile pic, my money is on the light bar. They can turn into mobile harmonicas. Easiest and cheapest fix is o try door-edge-trim on the fins that radiate the heat on the back of the light bar. Also, try adjusting the angle of the bar. (up/down)
  11. Anybody heard anything about this?

    When I add it to the cart I’m getting 10% off. Not quite $100, but close.
  12. Anybody heard anything about this?

  13. Car and Driver has posted a 10,000 mile update to their long term Gladiator review. Pretty negative

    I think we are in need of a protest meetup at their offices in Ann Arbor. We can drive circles around their building blocking them in until we all break down. Should be done by lunchtime based on their reliability findings. Also, closest dealership is only 8 miles away. Maybe get a group deal...
  14. Anybody heard anything about this?

    Just scrolled back and saw the response from Rugged Ridge. Who says something like that to people that intentionally remove their doors. Challenge accepted.
  15. Anybody heard anything about this?

    The rain / snow will help lubricate the zippers thereby making the install that much easier. Trust me. Also you will appease us cheapos not willing to take the risk yet.
  16. Weathertech Mud Flaps

    Used mojave here. Rock rails were replaced with Rock Slide Engineering steps. I know that people are saying the Rubicon flaps from Weathertech will fit, but will the indentation for the rubi rail look out of place with my setup?
  17. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Picked this up about 2 months ago. So far wheels, tires and winch. Pretty happy with it as is but we all know that won’t last.
  18. Stickers and decal pics!

    Thanks @pixeldecals you made both 11 years apart. 2011 vs 2022
  19. Opinions on your Hard tonneau covers in 2022

    Eh. I think it’s like 400lbs evenly distributed. I wouldn’t walk on it etc. had one on my Chevy Colorado. Pretty nice though.
  20. DiamondBack Covers | General Thread

    Did you order from Diamondback and which bar length did you choose. I’m leaning toward 68”. Thanks.