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  1. Small Oil Leak (3.6L)

    Noticed a couple drops in my garage last week, crawled under the jeep and saw more on the passenger. Dealer appt next week, but has anyone seen anything similar and can give me an estimate on possible causes? hasnt been in for an oil change since January. Stock Mojave with the 3.6L and 9100 miles.
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: SmartStartStop

    Selling the SmartStartStop I had on my 2020. I didnt install it on my 2022 right away, and realized I didnt realize it was missing. Selling for $75, prefer local pickup. The one clip retainer is broken, but this did not affect use during the 2 years it was installed (broke shortly after...
  3. Pennsylvania Sold: Armis Rolling Hard Cover- Pittsburgh Area

    Selling my used Armis Hard Rolling Toneau cover by Rugged Ride (will need new weather seal, and possible some of the hardware that mounts in the bed). Good condition overall, but sold the jeep and will be putting a diamond back on the Mojave. $400 OBO
  4. Programmer/Tuner that will work with Gladiator and 1999 Cherokee

    Looking for a programmer that i can use to reprogram my Gladiator for the larger tires that I've installed but also to use on my Comanche build (that will have 1999 Cherokee Electronics).
  5. Ohio WTB Tailgate

    Looking for a tailgate of any color, but prefer local to me and in Sting gray if possible. Let me know what you have!
  6. Buy now or wait for black friday

    I'm looking to purchase rock rails, bed cover and the Jeep trail rail system soon, but was wondering if it would be better to wait until black Friday.
  7. Jeep Comanche Project

    This weekend I took the Gladiator on a 7 hour, 500 mile trip to pick up a 1992 Jeep Comanche, 2wd, 5Speed, 4.0L. Plans are to do the 97+ front end and interior conversion with a mild lift and other upgrades.
  8. Wireless Bluetooh Speaker Issues

    All- having issues with connecting to the wireless bluetooth speaker. I unpaired my phone to try to get a friend to pair his over the weekend, and now 0 phones can connect. Does anyone have any ideas?