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  1. Leaking axle seal?

    Correct…that’s how mine finally was fixed after 3 failed attempts. You’re not going to want to get that bill😀
  2. 2021 Gladiator makes a good list: 10 Reliable Jeeps That Are Known For Their Low Running Costs

    I was thinking the same thing. I had to replace the right rear axle on my 21 four times until they got it right but $0 in costs as I was under warranty the entire time (luckily). Comparing a vehicle likely under warranty still vs ones 10 years old makes no sense.
  3. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    Not going to bother watching the video but the Banks Pedal Monster is a much better product than the Pedal Commander. It’s safer (specifically disabling when in reverse), more functional and much more technologically advanced. My favorite mod on my JT - to me good enough to not need to regear...
  4. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    It may be silly but that’s what Jeep Wave is promising. For the cost of the Uber and the hassle of leaving it there all day I could’ve done it myself at home.
  5. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    Agreed. Jeep Wave says it promises a rental car when bringing in the Jeep for service. I just took my JT in for it's 2nd Jeep Wave oil change last week and they wouldn't provide me a rental car like they did last time. My dealer is right next to an Enterprise Rent A Car and they used to...
  6. Pedal master vs pedal commander

    I think you meant the Banks Pedal Monster. I think it's better than the Pedal Commander. I think in general it's better and more modern technology than the Pedal Commander. I like that it has safety features built in (like disabling when in reverse). The mobile app is quite good too with...
  7. Stellantis withdrawal from the North American auto show circuit.

    Not a surprise as basically no car company is advertising on the Super Bowl this year either. Seems like the car manufacturers are preparing for a rough 2024 in general. I’m a car nerd so I do still like going to the car shows. We have one still scheduled near us next month - hopefully it...
  8. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Yeah it was entertaining seeing all of you fixated on the easy part😀. No big deal though as you all helped me figure this out.
  9. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Success! It took the change the first time and 33.75” looks to be spot on as my gps app and Speedo match now. To get the cables out I used my finger to pinch the connector loose and used a pair of pliers to pull down the cable at the same time. In addition to removing the under steering...
  10. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Ok I managed to get it off and reprogrammed it. The JScan app says to open and close the door, then close it again and leave it be for 5 minutes. I thought I was supposed to click the restart all ECUs button from the videos. Assuming the door maneuver must do the same thing?
  11. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Good idea - will see if my 16 year old can get in there👍
  12. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Tried all of the pliers I own - not able to squeeze them in there. Looks like I may have to see if my dealer can give me a deal on changing it.
  13. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    Looking for guidance on pulling out the connectors. The tire size measurement was the easy part😀.
  14. Tire size change - can’t get at programming cables.

    I’ve got a Mojave where the computer gets in the way of your fingers to pull out the cables. Any suggestions/tools to use? I removed the panel under the steering column but no luck. I was trying to make the change with the JScan app. My Speedo looks to be about 2mph slower at 50 mph vs my...

    It’s -18MM offset. Attached pic I requested from another forum member when asking for the same view.
  16. 35's instead of 33's - Need to Choose A Tire Please Help

    I’m liking the 35” Ridge Grapplers so far too. Rides much nicer than my 33” Falken M/Ts but still has the aggressive M/T look.
  17. California Like new rock rails - free

    Bumping this thread up one last time before these get turned into scrap metal….

    Guess I can join this thread now. Black Rhino Abrams 17x9.5 with Ridge Grappler 315/70/17. Rides so much nicer than the Falken 33” M/T did. Thought the load range E would’ve been harsher but it’s been the opposite. It’s a little pokey but I like it.
  19. Stellantis laying off people at Jeep

    This whole thing sounds fishy to me. Why aren’t all manufacturers treated the same way? Stellantis and their lawyers also sound clueless and like crybabies here. Seems like they had an opportunity to avoid this mess and save a lot of jobs and $s.
  20. California Like new rock rails - free

    Need to get these out of our garage. Free to anyone who’d like to pick them up in San Jose.