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  1. How far is your JT making it up this hill?

    My default answer wants to be that it wouldn't because I wouldn't go down it to begin with. Before this video I really thought I'd be okay going up, but the torque band being low in the diesel has me thinking that a properly geared Gasser Rubicon or Mojave could do this quite easily and could...
  2. Oil change coupon, couldn’t resist

    https://dcl.emm.extra.fcagroup.com/coupons/api/getCoupon?couponcode=1BM3&dealer=27288 Can’t get the OEM filter and oil for $170 and I don’t have to be in the 110+ degree heat off my back?
  3. Milestar Patagonia XT 37x12.5R17 as Spare

    Anyone know if this tire will fit under the bed? I see many say the MT does, but I figure it’s time to run an appropriately sized spare. Search came up empty. This is currently the cheapest 37 you can buy from @Discount Tire
  4. Rock Hard VS White Knuckle Sliders

    Curious what the perspective is from folks running either of these sliders, I'm a fan of the White Knuckle and a little biased towards them because of the kick-out that should theoretically push your rear tire away from the obstacle you are sliding on. I am also curious about what I should...
  5. What camper are you towing with your eco-diesel?

    Family and I started thinking about getting a travel trailer or camper that fits the bill within the limitations (both factory and by my own mods) of the eco-diesel. I'm curious what you are all towing without derating, obviously this implies changing driving habits up grades, in extreme heat...
  6. Extended Fender Flare Pics Anyone?

    I know a lot of the Jeep community likes to chop fenders and stuff bigger and bigger tires, however, I'm interested in extending my fenders as to stop all of the mud, snow, rocks, dirt, dust, etc. from being flung back onto my Jeep. I run a 0 offset wheel with a 12.5-inch wide tire and would...
  7. Noisy hard top anyone?

    I've noticed in the last few months that I have some weird noises coming from my hard top, kind of like it moving around at speed. With the radio on it's not really an issue but it's been bugging me for a while now. I haven't really done anything outside of unlocking and locking all of the...
  8. Bulletpoint Mounts.. Warranty experience?

    Anyone have any experience with Bulletpoint's warranty department? Their webiste seems pretty generic. I've loved my mount thus far, but the bit that connects the arm to the ball mount just had the adhesive fail. I figure if they can replace the arm that would be cool, otherwise might be an easy...
  9. Tailgate replacement.... most likely

    So... I was trying to load an extra heavy bag of compost into the bed of my JT and used my winch along with a snatch block not realizing I was crushing a part of the edge of my tailgate... anyone have a ball park what the idiot tax will be? I'm thinking a good PDR guy can probably take it out...
  10. Anyone else get a survey and follow up call?

    I got a survey from Jeep where I made my voice heard. Interestingly, I got a follow up phone call from a rep. Not sure if this is just get them to hush or an actual effor to resolve issues and avoid future lawsuits. My two concerns: 1) The center console USB port doesn't work with CarPlay The...
  11. July pre-order for EPIC Kraken Tire Inflation System for Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator (JL/JT) is live!

    Looks like there’s a batch of these coming out in the next week or so. Yeah I ordered mine before I made it public. Call me guilty! Link to product: https://epic-4wd.com/en-us/products/epic-kraken-tire-inflation-system-for-jeep-jl-jt
  12. Nevada Sold: WTB Rubicon LED Fender DRL and Harness

    Willing to spend $200 on a set.
  13. Calling Winch Experts - Bad Solenoid on HF Apex Winch?

    So I took a gamble on an Badland Apex 12,000lb winch I found on OfferUp, sealed in box for $300. Even on sale right now it would have cost me $600.00 with tax. It had the original tape and all hardware was still sealed in factory packaging. I got it wired up and ready to go, however, I'm...
  14. Nevada Sold: Rubicon Plastic Bumper FREE

    Come and pick it up in 89101, no shipping unless you just want to take the red tow hooks. Fog lights included, no harness though. Make me an offer.
  15. Installing Baja designs fogs?

    Just ordered a BD Squadron Pro fog light kit. Curious for those of you with aftermarket fogs, do you use an auxilariy switch or did you change the pcm settings to use the factory switch via tazer or JSCAN?
  16. Rugged Ridge Arcus - Amazon 20% off Coupon

    This the cheapest I’ve seen - I think the same price I almost picked this up for in November, def the cheapest including shipping and taxes to my door… $532.54. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RN86RTJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6W38FW2WYAKD49ESRM6Z edit: adding the Amazon link to either save you $122...
  17. Anyone have a leaking front axle?

    I noticed this earlier in the week. I’m just at under 10k on the odometer with only minor off roading being done once. I have an appointment for next week to get it looked at. Anyone have a similar experience?
  18. Okay which one of us is this? Bad driver, language warning

    Well, we have someone giving us a bad name out there. Linkaroo to video on Reddit r/IdiotsInCars