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  1. Rock Krawler Pro-X Control Arms Package

    Yes 3" on 40s. Running King shocks. Click build thread link for pics
  2. Rock Krawler Pro-X Control Arms Package

    I don't think it feels loose at all. Tracks well and handling is excellent. FWIW, Rusty's has a 4 link setup available now.
  3. Wobble to a shakey

    Still on factory ball joints? Even if there is no up/down play when doing a "normal" ball joint check, I'd bet that a new set will fix your issue. I have found the Teraflex ball joints to be a good value, YMMV.
  4. Alabama Gladiators

    RCW & RCRC are having a Clean-up ride at IRON GAP in North AL /TN March 16th 2024. We had a bunch of Gladiators there last time. Meeting at 9am in the gravel lot behind Burger king at 5960 HWY 72E, Gurley, AL. Wil convoy about 30-40 minutes to the starting points from there. @Rujonesfamily
  5. Second Hand JT

    I like it! Have to contact @Xtrusion_Overland to see if I can get the parts to convert my bed rack into one that fits over the soft topper.
  6. 🆕 Product Monday: Interior Dash Wraps and Graphics

    what's the impact on passenger airbag deployment?
  7. Tru-Trac in front diff?

    Found this to not be true with the JK models with the BLD. JL/JT would be the same.
  8. Tru-Trac in front diff?

    had them front and rear in my JKU. Worked excellent off road and on.
  9. Show me your Gladiators on 40's.

    With the weight of the 40s and beadlock wheels, IMO the 5.13 is not enough. With the 5.13 I can get to 8th gear but it has to be flat, flat, flat.
  10. Tires for sport s

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T is a great looking tire with performance to match. Maxxis RAZR A/T would be another good candidate. I haven't used this one but have used the RAZR MT and it was and excellent tire. When shopping, try to steer clear of E rated tires. The ride will be rough...
  11. Why Lift a Mojave?

    just here for the comments cause no way am I reading all that! LOL
  12. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    1.Wireless Car Play!!!!! 2. Hurricane engine option. 3.Trained dealer network that doesn't deny all warranty work because the jeep is lifted. 4. Dead pedal.
  13. Metalcloak RockSport Blacks - Adjustable Reservoir Shocks - Now Available

    The process probably meets/conforms to a MIL-Spec. Not better or worse than any other method.
  14. Metalcloak RockSport Blacks - Adjustable Reservoir Shocks - Now Available

    Hmmm, anyone want to buy some Kings? :blush:
  15. 2024 "I Resolve to Offroad with Metalcloak" Giveaway is On!

    Sean Shively In 2024 I Resolve To Offroad with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. UnderCloak Integrated Armor System, JT Gladiator, 3.6L Motor 2. Jeep JT Gladiator 3.5" 4-Link, Bolt-On Long Arm Suspension & Lift Kit (long arm edition) (Rocksport Edition) 3. Overland Rocker & Flip...
  16. Usless Worthless Mods and Accessories (WTF?!? Thread)

    Some enjoy angry grills too!
  17. Usless Worthless Mods and Accessories (WTF?!? Thread)

    Worthless junk IMO https://www.ultimate9.co/evc-throttle-controller-to-suit-jeep-gladiator-2019-on-jt.html?gad_source=1
  18. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Is this possible?
  19. New Artec high clearance bumpers

    Love the look, hate the price tag! :headbang:
  20. Sunrider removal for the winter

    Same here. It's good stuff.