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  1. BesTop... WorsOtherThings?

    Delivery and problems happened the last day before i had a vasectomy, so i had to wait to finish the install. Was feeling good today, so out i go to re-dremel and deal with bullshit... BUT! missing nut plate for the driver's side! Called bestop, NOW they want it back with full refund (i tried...
  2. Granite series rock sliders

    eesh. I think i need about another 2mm, but again i lost light and didn't complete the job. Maybe when i get out there tomorrow it's a different story.
  3. Granite series rock sliders

    i called BesTop about my issues installing and they told me that they haven't had a single complaint about theses, yet when i look online i see nothing but complaints with poor fitment. They gave me 50% off because I had to modify it to make it fit (Thanks dremel!) but i lost the daylight and...
  4. Sugar in gas tank, help!

    Perhaps a roving gang of sugar-ers? Do you by chance live on a hill? Who's your prime suspect? Wonder Mike, Hank, or Master G?
  5. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    You're absolutely right. I'm an idiot and have no idea what I'm talking about. As you suggested, i don't know anything. I haven't ridden in my vehicle with the sway bars both disconnected and connected on the same trails, beaches, and fire roads. My knowledge and personal experience on the...
  6. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    You're missing out. Sway bar disconnect isn't only for rock crawling. I disconnect mine for comfort.
  7. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    whole reason i bought my sway disconnect was for ride comfort at speed while offroad.
  8. Anyone else running 37s no lift?

    i run a mojave with 35s and a sway bar disconnect, and i lightly brush the inner fender liners on full articulation with wheels straight ahead while disconnected. Given the choice between running larger tires and having a sway disconnect, i'll take the sway disconnect every day and twice on sunday.
  9. BesTop... WorsOtherThings?

    Support confirmed those products are discontinued which is why they weren't able to offer me a replacement unit
  10. Bestop Granite Series 60% Off Deal

    Probably my post. Between uninstall of the factories (about 4 minutes), phone calls to BesTop (48 minutes), dremeling, test fitting, more dremeling, and just trying to make it all fit with a hammer (final resort but also one encouraged by BesTop) I'm 4.5 hours into this project. Had to stop...
  11. BesTop... WorsOtherThings?

    @Bestop, Man, do I love your sunrider for hardtop. it's 1 of 2 items i consider absolute must buys for any gladiator owner with a hardtop (the other is doorless mirrors) But man, you gotta work on some other stuff. I am so wildly frustrated with the two (so far) manufacturing defects i've...
  12. Bestop Granite Series 60% Off Deal

    That's even worse. Canceling sale orders when you're not out of stock? Garbage. I love their sunrider for hardtop but this kind of shenanigan gives the company a poor image.
  13. Bestop Granite Series 60% Off Deal

    happy my slidersteps shipped, sad to hear other are getting shafted. This is very obviously looking like a clearance sale. How hard is it to figure out "hey we're discontinuing this item, we have 15 left to sell, don't take orders for more than 15"? Bad look for Bestop. It's really not that...
  14. Bestop Granite Series 60% Off Deal

    was trying to resist since i first saw this post, but slidersteps for $240 from a reputable company is too hard to pass up, so i caved.
  15. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Left Front Fender Flare

    based solely on the pictures: 6CE83TZZAH seems to be the rubi/jave fenders based on the larger hood lock cutout 2018-2024 Jeep Wheel Flare Molding, Left 6CE83TZZAH | Mopar eStore 6AD67TZZAH seems to be the sport/over fenders based on the smaller hood lock cutout 2018-2024 Jeep Wheel Flare...
  16. 4H Issue? Mojave Owners

    I've owned a few and driven many more 4x4s. For example: the new Bronco (that is famously not SFA) also gets herky jerky when turning tightly with too much traction at the wheels in 4hi.
  17. 4H Issue? Mojave Owners

    you're breaking your truck. please read your owners manual for proper usage of 4hi. Your previous truck either had the 5 position (4A) transfer case, or was busted and you were driving around in 2wd without knowing it.
  18. Video: HELLCAT Swapped Jeep Gladiator on GIANT Tracks

    certainly falls under the category of "Neat!"... but it's difficult to think of a single place on earth all that horsepower is more useless than snow and ice.
  19. Mods: Regrets and Required

    Mods i couldn't live without: sunrider, lange originals coyote mirrors, tonneau mods i wouldn't want to live without: armorlite, apex autolynx, arb twin on-board, diode dynamics elite headlights, diode dynamics 3k fogs, katzkin leather, bolt hood lock, rokblokz mods i could have done without...
  20. Why Lift a Mojave?

    That's a very long-winded post just to avoid saying you thought the fake hood scoop was prettier. Side note: if you're really dropping something from AMW into this truck, you should be getting new axles as well, which means putting in lockers is trivial at that point. and since you're already...