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  1. IKamper Skycamp 3.0 feedback?

    Bigtent in Coquitlam sells them. Short ferry ride for you.
  2. Fire Fire! My Gladiator burned down

    You seem quite calm for someone that obviously put some love into your build! I can’t imagine how pissed I would be…
  3. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    They don’t, but I am pretty sure they will always want to sell more.
  4. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    Supposedly. Took the Jeep in for unrelated recalls last week, and mentioned the issues with the center console USB and erorring out. Tech said he found a TSB on the issue, and he performed a system update. Worked for about 45 minutes without issue, but the following day it’s giving the errors...
  5. Apple CarPlay issue fixed with most recent iOS 15.2.1?

    Yea, had the TSB done, and the problem is still there for me. I guess I will try the wireless adapter route.
  6. Deceptive Advertising (IMHO)

    All unreasonable to expect a customer shopping for a vehicle to do before purchasing, if possible at all. Had a Ford with similar functionality as well. They create your account and tie it to your vin in order for those functions to be testable.
  7. Deceptive Advertising (IMHO)

    I think people can cut the guy a little slack here. He isn’t saying he is missing the bed liner. It’s radio functionality which requires some configuration and setup to see working.
  8. mojave or rubicon

    Why do people fall for this… every… day…?
  9. Apple Car Play Connection

    Went to the dealer today to get some recalls done. I mentioned the center console issue, and asked him to check for TSB. They apparently found one. Note says ,”Inspect, found TSB for issue.” Correction - “Update radio per TSB complete.” Tried CarPlay on the way home, and it worked for the...
  10. Apple Car Play Connection

    Mine used to work flawlessly in both my JL and my JT. Now the center console errors after 20 minutes or so. It’s not the cable, as I have tried multiple Apple cables. If others are having the same issue, it can only be an iOS update or an over the air head unit update that broke it almost a year...
  11. Anyone have Rok Blokz on a Gladiator diesel ?

    Front and rear. I believe mine are the XL, but that shouldn’t make any difference.
  12. Anyone have Rok Blokz on a Gladiator diesel ?

    Yup. I had no issues on my JTRD.
  13. RSI Smartcap Suggested Maintenance - Keep Your Cap Happy and Healthy

    Also, make sure to wipe the nasty goop streaming done from latches every three days, or every time it rains. Whichever comes first.
  14. Zero Issues with Gladiator?

    This thread just got necro’d today by someone that didn’t even experience the problem. We can probably let it go.
  15. Best Camper Shells / Bed Caps / Racks?

    There is a sub forum dedicated to them on this site. Try there. Sorry I don’t know how to link.
  16. Diesel is the best engine option.

    Do you really think they know how to fix a gasser?
  17. Gladiator roof rack for RTT?

    Are you not planning on sleeping in the tent? 200lbs capacity stated. What you need to know is static and moving/dynamic load capacities. Most RTT capable racks will list both values.