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  1. Uwharrie - Daniel Trail - Think about trying it 👍

    I've been going to Uwharrie for a couple decades now, so i know the trails fairly well, and have been up Daniel my fair share of times in older, much less expensive jeeps. Ever since i got the gladiator, i've kept the "build" or lack thereof and the trails very tame. The Sport S has open diffs...
  2. Silver or Satin Black Saltas?

    Got these silver saltas on sale, and mounting new BFG's in a week or so. Should i leave them silver or spray them satin black? Your opinion is appreciated!
  3. No broken fender clips to replace aux ess battery

    I just had to replace my aux battery for the ess system, so i watched the videos and read the threads. Some are saying that breaking fender clips is inevitable, and that you start by yanking at the back bottom edge of the fender. I found that you can get to the back of these clips with...
  4. North Carolina Sold: OEM Gladiator Rubicon Wheels

    Want to buy 4 oem gladiator rubicon wheels (no tires) in the Raleigh / Durham (triangle) area
  5. LSPI / Engine Knock - how many are using ESS?

    Hey Y'all, for those that have the "key rattle" ping sound, low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) / the knock the owner's manual says is "normal" (The light-throttle ping around 30mph or so you can hear when the windows are down): how many of you keep ESS on and use it and how many are getting this...
  6. My experience, OEM sport s shocks to Falcon SP2 2.1

    A quick non-professional opinion on going from stock sport s shocks to Falcon SP2 2.1 shocks. My butt is no suspension or shock expert, but i'll tell you what my butt is telling me. JT sport s with 100% stock suspension and steering other than adding a Teraflex 1" front spacer and adding the...
  7. North Carolina Sold: Raleigh WTB Overland plastic front bumper

    Want to buy a plastic Overland oem front bumper if someone has upgraded and their old one is taking up space. Thanks and let me know what you would like for it. I'm all around the greater Triangle area on a daily basis and can pick up