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  1. Metalcloak RockSport Blacks - Adjustable Reservoir Shocks - Now Available

    I can't wait to hear how they perform. I have no doubt they will be world-class. I'm confident assuming that these will by my next set of shocks.
  2. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W | NOW Available at DTC

    The Wildpeak A/T and A/T2 were garbage. The A/T3W is really good, but left a lot of room for improvement. It looks like Falken has really taken the criticisms seriously with the redesign of the A/T4W. While weight is still an issue, it's unavoidable when actually designing a tire for off-road...
  3. Gladiator is crap for towing

    Your Gladiator has one of the best automatic transmissions ever produced, which is why it's used by so many different car and truck manufacturers from all around the world. Your tranny's issues are not due to your mods, and are not due to your use of it for towing; its failure is an anomaly...
  4. Trail Recon got a new Gladiator

    I wonder if her OnlyFans channel is any better?
  5. Engine cover - not on all vehicles 🤷‍♀️ so the dealer tells me , is this posibly true

    My 2022 JTRD came with the plastic engine cover, but I removed it along with all of the foam pieces to help promote airflow underhood. I can now hear my turbo doing its thing.
  6. Mud flaps, again

    Not indestructible. I was running miles and miles of desert 2-track and appreciated having my RockBlokz installed to help keep the flying rocks somewhat under control. But I got lazy when I found a nice box canyon to play on some bigger rocks. I managed to get one of my RockBlokz pinched...
  7. NorCal Gladiator Folk?

    I'm in Concord, too. I'm surprised that I haven't seen you around. You have a really nice Gladiator!
  8. New Decked System for the Gladiator

    Does anyone have any pictures of the passenger side rear bed corner with a Decked system installed? I'm curious about its height relative to the bed light because I have a 175-amp Anderson connector installed next to it to power my compressor, inverter, etc. and I'm hoping to not have to...
  9. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    Maybe the next fad to replace 50-inch lightbars across the top of the windshield could be a 50-inch cooler for us diesel guys. Good airflow, protected from rockcrawling hazards, and a tough Mad Max look that would appeal to the mallcrawler crowd.
  10. I'm Skeptical of These New Grille Cooling Claims

    Perhaps someday instead of making stupid Angry Birds grilles, China might make a low-restriction grille that still looks like a proper Jeep grille.
  11. Gladiator Mojave vs Rivian R1T (Photo Comparison)

    The Rivian's pencil-sized tie rods are scary - especially considering the power and weight they're trying to control. It's no wonder they snap like toothpicks if you ever actually take them off road.
  12. Diesel cooling options and ideas

    The hood flutter we all know and love on JKs, JLs, and JTs shows how limited airflow is through the radiator - the high pressure under the hood severely limits airflow through the radiator. While not a complete solution to the heat problems, adding hood vents or opening up the faux Rubicon...
  13. It's Like a Soft Top, But Hard

    The frameless windows on the Bronco, the Mustang, and Subarus are all terrible, for so many reasons. I would NEVER want frameless windows again. I'm grateful that Jeep hasn't decided to stick us with frameless windows.
  14. Midland and Jeep Collaborate on Midland T77VP5J JEEP X-TALKER Walkie Talkies

    So what were the perfect conditions in which Midland managed to measure a 38 mile range with these 2-watt FRS radios? :CWL: Please don't expect that kind of performance from these toy radios in the real world. FRS is definitely superior to CB, but I would consider GMRS with some actual...
  15. Has anyone done the Aux Battery delete like this?

    Thank you for the info on the Group 94. As for Optima, someone would have to pay me to use one of their batteries, and I'd still carry any other brand with me as a backup for WHEN (not IF) it failed on me.
  16. Entire Jeep lineup electrified by end of 2025

    If people weren't unnecessarily scared of nuclear powerplants, we'd have no trouble generating enough clean electricity for all the EVs the government wants to persuade us to buy.
  17. Any EcoD use a weight distribution hitch?

    Due to the height discrepancy between my Jeep and my camper, as well as the interference from a tongue mounted tool box, I cannot mount a weight distributing hitch setup. Instead I opted for Airlift airbags inside the rear coils, and I've found that they work perfectly to support a heavy load...
  18. Gladiator Sales-Dave Smith Motors Idaho

    I wish that you'd been around when I bought my Gladiator. You guys were my first call after my buddy had such a good experience doing a Fly-N-Drive purchase of a Power Wagon from your company, but I got such a bad price offer I wound up buying from one of the Las Vegas dealerships. Oh well...