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  1. Brake-lock differential deserves more credit.

    to the Original poster. I do know exactly what you are talking about and have done many Jeep BOH's with the assistance of the BLD system. No lockers, no limited slip diff. If you know that its standard on most JT's and take the time to learn it, it is a vital tool. Excellent post.
  2. Core 4x4 LCA problem. Need bushing part number UPDATED

    I have had great communication with Core via email. PM me if you would like the email address I get responses from. On a different note, not sure who is placing the "sponsored" add on my replies, but I'm tired of seeing POS Subaru ads on my postings. I want nothing to do with Subaru's...
  3. MPG Experiment

    you put a ton of work into that research. nice. I have to ask, is it worth it to have a 2 wheel drive jeep truck just to get 20-25 mpg? I get more smiles per gallon with a 6.5" lift, 38x13.5 tires with 5.13 gears. I even giggle a bit when I hit eighth gear doing 70mph driving to Moab. I'm...
  4. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    There ya go, now you got the right idea. You are looking at some cool rides. I've had my Supra for about 60 days now, and we just got snow. I'm sad. I just finished doing a legit 6.5" upgrade on my front end of the JT, and now my custom front drive shaft is vibrating. I've done everything...
  5. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    Thanks for the Feed back. My RTT and Rack weigh in at.....105 lbs, all alloy, 4 wing nuts and it removes from my bed in under 5 minutes. I'm talking camper shells, like the pic below. I like driving my jeep to work maybe once a month in the summer with the offroad doors on and the top down...
  6. What is an unpopular opinion you have in the Jeep community?

    Firm believer Jeeps are horrible Daily drivers and owners should use them primarily for off roading and recreation. Ducks suck, Jeep BOH's are the bomb. Gladiators should remain a light duty vehicle and not have "Camper shells" on them, ever. Ha Ha, there... Thanks for the very welcomed thread.
  7. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    you might be right, but the jeep groups I spend time with like to mod their vehicles, and they're, for the most part, happy, or happier. I've had mine since they first came out, special ordred it (it being a Sport S) with almost no additional add ons, or "Fluff" and built it up from there...
  8. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    If you are lazy and trade, thats what you'll get. If you sell it yourself, it's different story, and this goes for any vehicle. You will always get more when you sell it yourself. It's also contingent upon your market. Lets say you live in New York City, or just about any other large city...
  9. Production Electric Jeep Magneto EV? Meet the Magna Jeep Gladiator EtelligentTerrain

    So much for fording. Looks like a mall "Duck Magnet" No thanks, I'll wait a few years for them to get all the electrical shorts worked out.
  10. Since the JT is NOT considered a true 1/2 Ton

    Exactly, so don't pretend and load it up like its a 3/4 ton. ha ha! Get out, turn on and wheel!
  11. Do you even wheel ?

    Love that color on the Jt!
  12. Do you even wheel ?

    HA HA, You are dead on point with this post. JT's make a horrible DD, however, they make a fantastic recreational vehicle. I know everyone has their "Ideal Use" for whatever vehicle they buy/purchase, but 1st of all, the JT is JEEP, not a Pickup. Yeah you can throw a couple things in the mini...
  13. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    I also Have Allstate, just moved our Policy back over to them. I pay a little more to have the vehicle insured for its "real time" value, via an appraisal done yearly by the dealership appraiser. I was worried sick about eating the depreciation should something catastrophic happen to it like...
  14. Black fender flares instead of body color

    Go with black if you plan to do some serious off roading. I have the premium soft top as well, going on 4.5 years. Absolute best decision ever for the JT. To easy. But I don’t use mine as a DD ever. Off roading or pulling my trailer. I’ve worked it like a dog. 48,000 miles no problems.

    I hear ya. I'm overly cautious as my JT only comes out of the garage to play hard or pull my 4k lbs off road travel trailer into the sticks, no city driving, no ducks. so every summer it goes to get the suspension inspected, tightened, lubed, adjusted & aligned. So far so good. I've found...

    why ball joints? I've had mine inspected every season for 4.5 years, never had a problem. I think I have 42,000 miles now.

    6" lift, I think I went to a -18 offset wheels hydraulic bump stops, 5.13 gears. I went to 37x12.5 and was disappointed for 18 months, then went to 38x13.5's, and I am much happier, not necessarily with the 38's, but with the 13.5's. Weirdest part is my mpg's went up a couple miles per gallon...
  18. 38" spare tire

    hmm, I hope that works for ya. I do have a question tho, I went to 38's as well, 5.13 gearing. But mostly I wanted the 13.5 width. Just curious why you opted not to go to 13.5? Also, I just run a 37" spare for emergencies and extremely limited use. I figure after 4.5 years of owning a JT and...
  19. 37 regrets

    I've had my jT for more than 4 years now, I just went from 37's to 38's after 3 of those four years. So here is how it played out for me & my JTMT; Started with a 2" lift. This was a waste of time and $'s for me, due to me wanting a trail rig that could also pull my 18' travel trailer (4000...
  20. That looks familiar??

    One factory and several sticker companies.