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  1. Jeep is Cutting Prices and Adding Content!

    We are in a mid size truck renaissance, Jeep needs to be competitive with the gladiator if they want to keep current base and attract new customers.
  2. We are trying to make the most user-friendly JT tube door…(EP.01 Exceed Fabrication)

    Love it, best of luck. Quality will speak for the brand, hope to hear more on the project progress!!!
  3. Forget about heated headlights - we need heated wiper blades

    Jeep offers heated windshield on other models when equipped with cold weather package. Our previous Cherokee Trailhawk had that, would be nice for 2025 gladiator refresh.
  4. Car Seat in the Gladiator - Tips and Tricks

    Got rear facing Chicco 3in1 on the passenger side for the infant, older one graduated to a booster he sits behind me. Agree with center position, but it is a pain to move in and out, did that when I had extended cab Silverado.
  5. What is this thing?

    Tough as nails they just keep on going and going, anything breaks on them you can fix with very basic tools. You could import models that are 25 years or older, quite a few on BaT… cost quite $$$ for mid 90s utility truck https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1994-toyota-land-cruiser-hzj-77/
  6. 23 Mojave $70K MSRP for $52K - Deal?

    At that price range you are approaching a 1/2 ton truck, hard sell for most unless you have to get a Gladiator. Jeep dealers also mark way up nowadays and than make it seem you are getting a deal with discounts, a nasty sales tactic. I don’t know the full story here but if you are doing a full...
  7. Sudden catastrophic power failure at 13 months 20,000 miles.

    Our local Lexus dealer does it all the time, same when I had a Cadillac, and a BMW. Getting a loaner was never an issue, they would usually grab a CPO if they don’t have any service cars around, slap a dealer plate on it not a big deal. At a price point of a Gladiator, Jeep should seriously re...
  8. Sudden catastrophic power failure at 13 months 20,000 miles.

    This is simply unacceptable, majority of Stellantis dealers simply don’t give a crap about their costumers, or care about brand retention. A decent thing to do would be give you a car off the lot as a loaner or cover for a rental.
  9. Soft top straps, again...

    What straps?
  10. Confirmed: Gladiator 4xe coming in 2025. JT Gladiator production continues into 2028

    Wonder if Gladiator will have a new hybrid setup or same as the current 4xe.
  11. Lucky Dogs! "It Looks Like The Next Gen Dodge Charger Will Get A Gas Engine After All"

    This article is a speculation, based on an anonymous source. I would not put too much weight to it till Stellantis officially confirms.
  12. Safety Recall 92A & Stop Sale for 6-Speed Manual 2022/2023 Gladiators & Wranglers

    How long can Stellantis postpone the fix and dodge NHTSA? Is anyone aware of any class action lawsuits on this? Should have opted for the automatic, current 6spd is absolute garbage, and the clutch issue is an icing the shit cake. I used to be save the manuals guy, always had a stick shift car...
  13. Book time for clutch install on Gladiator?

    They gave you what I like to call an FU quote, meaning they probably have enough work as is on their regular clients, taking anything else outside of their expertise is a novelty price. I would suggest shopping around check reputable Jeep mechanics, heck even go to your local dealer. You will be...
  14. 2024 packages, beginning of the end

    Sounds like Stellantis just learned about 6s concepts lol. If anything streamlining operations will help Jeep with build quality issues. In an ideal world this should translate to lower production cost, but I doubt we will see that on the consumer end.
  15. International Gladiator model?

    There is a huge salvage vehicle market in developing countries, many fix them up or do some wild things since usually labor is dirt cheap, and locals have nothing but time to kill.
  16. To diesel or to 24

    Next week we all will know what mid cycle refresh has in store. As far as ordering a diesel even if the website shows it I would expect factory to be wrapping up the production of this power plant with the FarOut edition. Also on the stop sale post. keep in mind a dealer can put in an order for...
  17. Parking Brake Pulled Too Hard

    Long story short, dropped off the truck for state inspection this morning at some random ma and pa shop down the street, I guess should have known better to take it to the dealer… just to pick it up with extremely sloppy ebrake. Spoke to the tech that was working on it, he got extremely...
  18. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    After talking to a service advisor at my local dealer this morning they are as frustrated as the customers with the lack of guidance from Stellantis on the issue. No real fix so far, I was told if the clutch fails they will definitely work with me to have it fixed but they can’t do anything pro...
  19. Gladiator vs 1500 MPG

    Ram uses a mild hybrid 3.6 etorque setup you gain a couple mpg, 12hp and like 40 lb-ft of torque.