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  1. My insurance went up

    Homeowners insurance just killed a dream we were finally fixing to execute when all the major insurance companies decided to quit writing policies for beachfront properties in Texas. And they defined beachfront as something like within 3 miles of the beach. Umm, 3 miles from the beach isn’t...
  2. First Ever Jeep Gladiator Beach Edition Announced

    I like the 4xe version but a range of only 21 miles is a bit pathetic. I’m going to assume it’s only real intention is to get you to a gas station should you run out.
  3. My insurance went up

    All the insurance companies are raising the cost of their products. But if you think the rise in auto insurance is soaring, you might want to brace yourself for when the homeowners policy is up for renewal.
  4. California FREE! OEM Rubi Rails AND Front Bumper from 2021 Mojave -Asking price: $0.00 (OBO) NEED THESE GONE.

    Holy crap. Someone got a helluva deal. (note to self: start checking classifieds/for sale boards before spending more than I have to)
  5. 23 red rubi on 42’s build

    Where in Texas are you should I ever decide to drop in unannounced to see that up close? 😁 Nice looking rig. A few feet too high for my garage I’m sure, but otherwise it looks to be sorted out nicely. Good job.
  6. Need lift kit for new front bumper?

    As he ^ said, a bumper won’t require addressing any lift issues, that’s a tire thing. But if you go with a steel bumper that’s a bit heavier and introduces some additional front end sagging you can go with a simple (and much less expensive) leveling kit for the front end.
  7. JKS J-Venture Lift Kit

    A 3 inch lift is more than you need just for clearance alone but you need to decide what you’re going to be doing. It’s about more than aesthetics (to some of us anyway). At least spend the time researching and thinking it out so that you’re not going to be regretting an expensive mistake...
  8. Photos of my JT with new aluminum Barricade front bumper

    Recently went with one of the Barricade bumpers as well and a Badlands 12k winch (also with synthetic rope; wire is such a PITA). Purely an aesthetic thing for me as I’m down the road from you a ways (Weatherford area) and it’s all concrete down here. I’d pretty much have to drive to New...
  9. Mopar extended warranty purchase. The good, the bad and the insane!

    Hmm. So in ~39 months you will have paid out approx the same amount as the MOPAR coverage quoted above that covers the vehicle for 96 months. If that was the only criteria to weigh it would seem that the MOPAR coverage would be much better, but it’s not that easy because for people like me...
  10. Mopar extended warranty purchase. The good, the bad and the insane!

    Interesting. I’ve never heard of this type of coverage. I’ll have to see if Progressive offers anything similar. Of course, the value would be determined by not just the deductible but how much it adds to the premium. At least it’s a possible alternative.
  11. Meet Valkoinen, my '23 Sport S

    I’m not familiar with Herculiner but it appears to be similar to the Rust-Oleum bed protector I used on the bed of my Mule. My patience was pushed to the limit with just the size of a SXS bed, I can only imagine what it was like doing that. Kudos to you for pushing through. I think it was...
  12. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Often you can just call a dealer and give them the VIN and they can give you whatever part# you need.
  13. Un-lift a Rough Country lift

    Lol. And of course the first thing they want to know is what it would take to get you in that truck which is where I want to give them my tele# and tell them when they put the crack pipe down to give me a call. 😁
  14. Un-lift a Rough Country lift

    I don’t know what’s included on them either other than those 37’s. They probably had different rock guards and such but I’ve never really looked at them that close. You could look up Moritz Jeep in Ft. Worth as they had 3-4 Rough Country rigs on the lot yesterday. Maybe they list exactly...
  15. Fair price for Falken Wildpeak AT3s with 20k on them

    If you don’t mind the hassle of shipping you might see if Facebook marketplace has a way of listing your item in a specific location and see what happens. Not sure what might happen but maybe there’s a bigger market here in Texas. I eliminated two as scammers immediately, but the half dozen or...
  16. Un-lift a Rough Country lift

    I’m a little confused. Every Gladiator I’ve seen on dealer lots with the Rough Country package come with 37x12.5 R20’s. Yours came with 35’s?
  17. Fair price for Falken Wildpeak AT3s with 20k on them

    Correction (can’t see how to edit). I got $800 for them, not $900. Sorry about that.
  18. Fair price for Falken Wildpeak AT3s with 20k on them

    Fair enough to get them sold pretty quickly IMO, at least in Texas it seems. I sold a set of the exact same tires back in November, including the spare, that had about 10k miles on them and had 14 responses (on Facebook marketplace) the next morning and sold the same day for $900.
  19. 15% OFF WARN top selling winches!!!

    Right there with ya. I looked at Warn’s but seeing how I could have bought three (3) Badlands 12,000’s with synthetic rope for the price of one comparable Warn it was a no brainer. I’ve had Badlands before and they were bulletproof, very good warranty and highly rated. And I’ve had a Warn...
  20. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    My H-D dealer is $160 per hr. It was probably 2005 since they were closer to $145.