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  1. Is the Gladiator at risk for cancellation?

    It will last forever if you learn what to do. There is FB group on the best oil with analysis plus with other forums on the ECO D doing the same. Change our trans oil,filter, clean magnets at 30k not lifetime or what ever. OEM is good but there are better oils that show less wear on the oil...
  2. Wanda the Wanderer: JTRD with Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Thanks so much for all the great info! For the rear shock and control arm skids Im going with Rusty's. They make a nice on the shock going up more. I did order the front and rear next venture diff skids. I order the front control and shock skids from rock hard since Rusty's doesn't make...
  3. Looking for recommendations on rock sliders

    The JCR Crusaders are very nice which I have to still install. They do have a step in them and do Bolton Which is why I went with them. If you don’t mind cutting or drilling, looks like there’s other options People are recommending.
  4. Ok. Need a quick and dirty thumbs up or down on purchasing 2023 Diesel Gladiator Rubicon

    With the Derringer and an intake, I’m spinning at 60 miles an hour traction control kicks in when I punch it. I’m around 530 foot pounds of torque right now with all the Boltons
  5. California HI Lift bed rail system billet aluminum

    Yes the price will include shipping to Kentucky.
  6. Mopar 8 & 9 Speed ATF Is Full Synthetic Just Like ZF Lifeguard

    I know it's very pricy. MaxLife has been working but it's not an exact spec Lifeguard has cSt of 5.6 and Maxlife is 5.9. I'm know there are more discrepancies which may or may not mater to some when price might take precedence. For warranty for sure it does matter what you use with approved...
  7. Mopar 8 & 9 Speed ATF Is Full Synthetic Just Like ZF Lifeguard

    I researched on this and here is the answer. As you may know the ZF document from Germany says ZF Lifeguard fluid is semi synthetic. In Germany group 3 or group 3+ oil are not considered full synthetic and reason they say semi on that document. Here is the bottles which show full synthetic. The...
  8. Ecodiesel Recall 01A HPFP Parts are Available

    Hi guys I bought my Nov 23'. Would that mean it was replaced before they sold it to me? It was built March 23'
  9. Drove 3,000 miles with no air filter!

    Good lord. I take my wheels off and bring it to them so they don't jack and damage underside. Anyhow Ill do a vid now of my wheels with a time and date.
  10. Drove 3,000 miles with no air filter!

    Immediately pull the oil and send a sample to ISO lab not blackstone which they are not. Oil Analyzers are good.
  11. California HI Lift bed rail system billet aluminum

    Nobody needs nice bed rails? $150 shipped!
  12. 15% OFF WARN top selling winches!!!

    My 12 S platinum is arriving today. Can’t wait with the lighter weight CP concepts, Mopar style aluminum bumper. I also got the grim off-road winch plate from you guys.
  13. California Sold: HI Lift bed rail system billet aluminum

    6061 aluminum. Comes with six tiedowns for all three corners. Strong lightweight very high-quality. Have the hardware and blue Loctite. You could also get the HI lift Jack mount for it $175 Shipped https://hi-lift.com/product/trail-trak-jt-gladiator/
  14. Nitto Recon Grappler 37X11.50R17

    I also thinking about these on stock wheels but if they come in at 71lbs. About 7lbs more then the stock tires. If I go K02 with the 37" x 12.5" C load, they are 63lbs which is the best out there. We all know it's for a 8.5"+ wheel but I see people posting no issues. I also would need to find...
  15. Tow Package on EcoD

    Mopar sells the bracket for Diesels to mount it.
  16. Vs. 2024 ZR2... (Edit- Test Driven, opinions inside)

    I bought the Gladiator Diesel with the great deals they had but beside that, the ZR2 doesn’t have the ability get the top and doors off and the big thing is no solid front axle if your going to do hard trailing.
  17. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    The VOA in FR3 didn't have a lot of detergents if they were using chlorine in it lol like what Ohiotech was thinking in that UOA that was posted??
  18. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    The Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-40 shows as a API-SP Oil? I wonder if SPs are considered Full-SAPS? The SP redeces timing chain wear and for preignitions in GDI
  19. Official 2020+ EcoDiesel Oil Recommendations

    I believe the issue is fuel dissolution for the shearing and extra wear once the miles stack up. You don't know unless you do lab work with a good lab. I was afraid of it and wanted to do my changes at 4k but I also read that the ZDDP or addpack get embedded with time and when changed, the...