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  1. Building Nemo - A Punk'n Mojave shoreline adventure

    Thanks for the reply. Looking at one of your pics i feel like the extra 1” on either side would maybe be over the side of the bed a little. I think i might go with the 1425 as well.
  2. Building Nemo - A Punk'n Mojave shoreline adventure

    Hey man just curious why you went the rack with the dimensions of 1425mm x 1358mm instead of the one that is recommended for Gladiators which is 1475mm X 1358mm. Working on putting the parts together and was curious why you went with the smaller rack.
  3. So this happened now need replacement grill

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think I am gonna see how noticeable the damage looks on the grill after I add the new bumper and winch. Hopefully in the next week or 2. I am dropping a boat load on some mods to the Mojave I have planned and my Nighthawk Customs build just came in so gotta...
  4. AEV 2” Lift or Metal Cloak 2.5” GC for Mojave

    I posted this last night then passed out so haven’t had a chance to look at responses u til now. I appreciate all responses and based on use I am going to just stick with the AEV 2” lift with geo brackets and front and rear adjustable track bars. I thought the sumo springs would be better...
  5. AEV 2” Lift or Metal Cloak 2.5” GC for Mojave

    So I know these lifts are on the oppposite ends f the spectrum but here’s the deal. I have been set on the AEV 2” spacer lift for a while now but wanted to add the geometry correction brackets and front and rear Steer smart yeti track bars and Sumo springs front and rear. He mentioned with...
  6. 15% OFF WARN top selling winches!!!

    Warns can fail too, they are not infallible. Ask me how I know! I have a Badlands now and it hasn’t failed me yet but it could and that’s why I don’t wheel alone.
  7. So this happened now need replacement grill

    It’s funny you mention that because I have them (Blackvue DR970) in our 3 other vehicles just have not had a chance to get one in the new Gladiator!
  8. So this happened now need replacement grill

    Thanks for the link this might be a really good option for me. You are also correct that the paint work is going to be the most expensive portion of the replacement. Which is why I am still debating on whether or not to just throw on the free grill my buddy is offering. I’m putting a new bumper...
  9. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    Im at 18.5 hours at $145/hour which is $2682.50. with no discount offered. I appreciate all of the responses and it definitley puts things in perspective. The one positive I can speak to is I know they do good work and I trust them to do the best job possible. They have done work on 4 other...
  10. So this happened now need replacement grill

    She is actually a very defensive driver but she said that the truck cut right in front of her and before she could slow down they cut in front of another car and that’s when it fell out hit the road bounced up and got her. Things happen just glad nobody was hurt.
  11. So this happened now need replacement grill

    Thanks for the inks. Now need to decide what direction to go.
  12. So this happened now need replacement grill

    Well living in SW Florida where the insurance rates have jumped pretty severely over the past couple of years I would prefer not because I know it will increase my rates. Doesn’t seem to matter what the claim if they pay out anything they jump your rates. Combine that with my deductible and rate...
  13. So this happened now need replacement grill

    I found this but not sure which one I need. The sport model looks like what I need but as I read the questions it says the Mojave needs the rubicon/overland model. https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/grille-panel-gladiator-jt/sport
  14. So this happened now need replacement grill

    So my wife is coming home last night from a friend of my kids birthday party when she sent me this picture. Seems like a work truck dropped a tool bounced and went right through the bumper and messed up the grill. It definitely gave her a scare fortunately everyone was OK Because it could have...
  15. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    I agree with both statements completely. However my business is so slammed right now with no signs of slowing which has me working 6 days a week (It’s a good thing for sure). The one day I have off, Sunday, (at least during the day) is my time with my family. Only day I get with them is valuable...
  16. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    At $200/ hour makes my rate sound reasonable lol! Better jump on it before they raise it!
  17. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    Man I don’t have time really to install this stuff with work jamming and 2 small kids but at these rates makes me think. The RSE steps are what kills me they quoted 8 hours for install! Seems excessive for a shop. I’m sure it would take me that long lol! They said they just want to do it right...
  18. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    Wow it’s been a while since I had a shop install mods on a vehicle but datum $145 is up there from last time! Is that on par with what you guys are seeing!?
  19. Florida Yeti Rear Adjustable Track Bar

    Where are you located?