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  1. My insurance went up

    Don't overlook all available discounts. For example, the company I work for requires us to take a Defensive Driving course. Geico accepted my 'diploma' and gives me a discount for it. Don't overlook other things like good student discount as well. Another big savings for me was the "away...
  2. Do we need to occasionally run the Pentastar at wide open throttle for lubrication purposes?

    ^^ Yeah, if I'm up to full operating temperature, I'm at WOT every now & then.
  3. Do we need to occasionally run the Pentastar at wide open throttle for lubrication purposes?

    Just a FYI, the second quote appears to come from a person who claims to have been a Pentastar design engineer, screen name OIL_UDDER on BITOG. The discussion on BITOG was about a pre-PUG 3.6. You can find the quote here...
  4. Mopar undercoat?

    ^^ Until it comes time to actually fix it. IMO, you don't want to take the word of a dealer on anything.
  5. Mopar undercoat?

    That is not likely what the guarantee verbiage states. You need to look at the guarantee terms & conditions to see if they only cover rust perforation and if they cover aluminum panel corrosion. Who backs the guarantee? Also, how does their undercoating affect the factory corrosion warranty...
  6. Probably a noob question, does this diff sound normal?

    No issues, like Tom stated. Just remember, in 2WD your FAD (front axle disconnect) de-couples the RH side inner axle shaft from the RH outer axle shaft (which is connected to the wheel hub) and the driveshaft remains stationary. So, the LH axle shaft is turning forward and the RH inner axle...
  7. Probably a noob question, does this diff sound normal?

    Completely normal. What you are hearing is the spider gears inside the differential. These gears are not precision-made gears like the ring & pinion gears, so you will hear and 'feel' them when you are spinning one axle while the other is stationary (or while the driveshaft is stationary and...
  8. Battery drain recall ?

    If there was an actual Recall that applies to a new vehicle "on the lot", then AFAIK the vehicle could not be sold until the recall is performed.
  9. Stock Mojave - Will Geo brackets be too much correction?

    First thing to do is have your caster checked. No need to fix a problem that doesn't exist.
  10. under Armor in order of importance

    The rocky east coast stuff can be tough. Sometimes you can pick the best line, and just when everything seems to be going fine, BAM!, the line picks you. If you are OK with body damage, then don't worry too much about the factory Rubicon rock rails. They will take a beating, BUT they will...
  11. Which Mopar Tonneau Do you prefer?

    The hard Mopar tri-fold that came on my 21 Mojave tilts up, but it does not have any type of supports to hold it up.
  12. What's the competition got the Gladiator doesn't?

    The 2024 Ranger Raptor has a V6 with 405 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. That's 120hp and 170 lb-ft torque more than the JT's V6.
  13. Anyine change Mojave shock bushings yet?

    My only suggestion would be to try an assembly lubricant that is actually designed for what you are doing, like: https://www.ipcol.com/products/assembly-lubricants/
  14. Drove 3,000 miles with no air filter!

    Don't forget brake pads. You can never have too many pads with 10-20% life left. They might come in handy some day. I mean, they never have for me, but they might.
  15. Drove 3,000 miles with no air filter!

    So that's where the Mopar air filter comes from ... you learn something new every day! Edit: I guess I'm assuming that the dealership put a Mopar filter in it, but stranger things have happened.
  16. Drove 3,000 miles with no air filter!

    I think it's because they are almost $70 MSRP and with the right tools you could pop one out in less than 30 seconds.
  17. 2024 Ranger Raptor

    I'm a big fan of unassuming vehicles. After the Job 1 2024 RRs come out, my plan is to order one in white with the decal-delete. Talk about run-of-the-mill perfection. Completely bland, but completely bada$$. Some good 'real world' photos at...
  18. So this happened now need replacement grill

    That should be a comprehensive claim as opposed to a collision claim. With every insurance policy I have ever had, a comprehensive claim would not impact rates (as long as you are not filing an unexpected amount of comp claims). Just make sure you always say that the rake hit the vehicle, the...
  19. Lemon law junk Gladiator

    Anyone else find that if you say "that sucks" to a bunch of engineers, someone says "or it blows, depending on where you're standing"?
  20. In-bed magnetic bicycle rack installed (Difficulty: 1/5)

    Nice! I hope by off season, you mean off season for just that bike. :LOL: