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  1. Electrical ? for the gurus

    May not be the solution you are looking for, but it worked for my use case: https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/iceco-apl55-bed-install.72273/ Takes all of the load off the truck when it's at home - no excess wear on the battery.
  2. Electrical ? for the gurus

    The fridge doesn't pull that power constantly though. The compressor cycles like any other fridge. Regardless - I agree, I would run a higher output charger.
  3. 3.6 Penstar Poll!

    It's fine. I feel its a bit anemic but I don't hate my truck for it. It does the job. On the other hand, while turbo and EV power is nice - I am fine that this truck has neither turbos and intercoolers packed in it, nor batteries and advanced controllers for them because if I keep this truck...
  4. Do we need to occasionally run the Pentastar at wide open throttle for lubrication purposes?

    Completely anecdotal note with no scientific basis to back it up, but - I have never had any issue with an engine that I flog a little and keep up with regular scheduled oil changes that lean on shorter intervals rather than longer. Besides, the truck has no problem revving plenty when trying...
  5. 2024 Gladiator Build & Price Configurator is Finally Live!

    I suppose I'm one and done on the Gladiator. I love my current truck, but I can't see replacing it with another one given these selections (or the cost).
  6. Throttle Lag and Inconsistency

    A fella I know has early Lou Gehrigs but he can still drive - however the movement of his feet isn't as precise as it used to be and so riding with him is a little unnerving because the throttle and brake operation isn't particularly smooth when starting, stopping, or even when just trying to...
  7. So who does it? Jeep Wave 👋

    I'm not listed. I don't forget to wave, or need to remember. I actively see a Jeep, remember that Jeep people wave... ....and then I just say 'welp I'm not doing that'. :LOL:
  8. Parking your Jeep outside

    My 2016 JK stayed in the weather all six years I had it (gulf south area). I maintained the paint and plastic properly so it didn't seem any worse off when I sold it. My 2022 Gladiator has been outside in the weather full time since I got it. It's also been through two hail storms now so the...
  9. Clayton Overland Plus 1.5 cost more than the 2.5 - why?

    Assuming the picture is accurate, maybe they are charging slightly more for that curved rear track bar (slightly more material and labor). 🤷‍♂️ :LOL:
  10. Turbo Truck Stuff (My OBS Chevy)

    Maybe someone here is interested in 90s Chevy trucks. So - this is my first truck. I got it in 2004. It's been the victim of me having been a teenager and not being a daily driver. It was heavily tampered with over the years 😂 I did an LS swap in it back in 2011. So it has a 5.3L/4L60E from a...
  11. Oil change miles -- how often do you change oil?

    Gotta make that money :LOL: I have a little roll of stickers I put on all the rides (five in total if I count my moms SUV) just like an oil change place. The GF called me one day and was all concerned that she was gonna go over what I wrote on the sticker before we could change the oil. I...
  12. Oil change miles -- how often do you change oil?

    Oil is cheap. Engines ain't. We generally stick to 5K miles on everything in the driveway except for my old beater project truck that sometimes goes for years with me forgetting to change the oil.
  13. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    Banks video is a bit aggressive, but it does appear to make valid points (even just using the one 'case study' above in addition to the video). I don't see any issue in bringing constructive criticism against a product, business, etc. If you are one of the folks that never experienced the loss...
  14. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    In a quick search it appears they are the same cost ($299 Pedal Commander, $295 Pedal Monster). I don't have either product and no plans to buy either one - but I found the video to be pretty interesting. I'd buy the Banks product based on what I've seen so far.....but I'd guess that was the...
  15. Climate Control: can anyone tell me what "auto" is supposed to do?

    I have found mine to be a bit unpredictable in certain circumstances. Usually if the weather is close to my comfort zone (like its 77 outside and I want 70 in the truck) it doesn't seem to know how to get to my comfort place and I just override it. If the weather is at one extreme or another it...
  16. Roll bar damage from the factory

    Reminds me... Years back I was looking at buying a Camaro SS. I was at the dealership and noticed something peculiar about a new SS sitting on the lot with all the rest of the new cars. It had Brembo brakes, it had the bigger exhaust tips, it had SS headrests, it said it was an SS on the window...
  17. Wheel spacers, no cut

    Have you test fit them yet or is that based on something you've heard? I ran 1.5" spacers on my JK, they worked fine. Perhaps the studs on these JL's and JT's are longer. I have 1" spacers on my 2015 Camaro SS. The wheel studs protrude slightly past the spacers but the factory wheels have...
  18. What's the competition got the Gladiator doesn't?

    Good catch - I forgot about the Raptor offering with the V6. I just remembered the Ranger had the turbo four from the get go.
  19. Let’s play “Where Did Jeep Decide To Move The 2024 Model’s Antenna?”

    I must be lucky. I've replaced one windshield in seven years and 100,000 miles of owning Jeeps.
  20. Is the Gladiator at risk for cancellation?

    All my friends drive clean 20 year old trucks that they can fix easily so that their ole ladies can have new (or nearly new) cars & SUVs. I'm the only one with a new truck, or a midsize :LOL: