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  1. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    This old guy was cracking me up.
  2. Anyone know the thickness of the factory JTR rear bumper

    Thinking of taking advantage of the Bestop 60% off deal But not sure how much thicker the Bestop bumper is at 3/16 over the factory.
  3. Ohio WTB Spare Tire Cable Unit Thing

    I am in need of a spare tire crank unit thing a Bob. I took mine off a few years back and now I need one for a storage compartment I want to build for extra space for a family vacation. If anyone has one laying around I could put it to good use. Thank you for your time.
  4. Ohio 38x13.5x17

    I have for sale 4 Milestar Patagonia M/T 38x13.5x17. They have around 25k miles on them and I rotated them every 3,000 miles. $500
  5. Ohio WTB Two Used up 40's

    Looking to buy 2 used up 40's in order to get any fitment issues figured out. Not going to be driven on the road. Seems to be a long shot but worth a shot.
  6. Ohio MOPAR Rollup Tonneau Cover

    MOPAR tonneau cover $300
  7. Well Farts ( Youtube rescue video)

    Came across this peach as I was taking a few minutes for relaxing cool down time. Keep an eye out in the market place for this wet pig.
  8. Next Venture Motorsports Belly Skids with UHMW

    I think I have finally picked a skid plate system. I am looking at the Next Venture Motorsports aluminum belly skid with the UHMW material. Is anyone running this skid or have any input before i pull the trigger? Thank you for your time.
  9. Anyone have Power Tanks in Stock

    I am in the market for a 10lb power tank. I would like the red on but would also do black. I cant seam to find any in stock.
  10. Ohio Back Half of Hard top (no glass)

    I have for sale the back half of my old hard top. This was damaged while fixing the leaking back window and they replaced it with a new one. There is no glass or plastic trim for the inside top portion. There is some scratches and a knick where the glass set in. I am looking to do a pass...
  11. More Bump Stop?

    Took the JT to Rausch Creek last weekend and my tires got into my AAL inner fenders a bit. They also made light contact with my front bumper. I don't plan on keeping the bumper forever and I have no problems just cutting a 1/2" off the ends. I am new to most of this but what I think is going...
  12. Holly Oaks ORV Flag Question??

    For anyone that has been there. Are there orange flags and poles for sale on site? Are there any mask mandates that you are aware of. Thank you for your time.
  13. Ohio Rain Cover 1987-present 2door

    I have a Motertrend all weather cover for 2 door $95 new on Amazon. In like new condition. $50 is what I would like to see for it. Willing to trade also. https://www.amazon.com/Motor-Trend-1987-2019-Waterproof-Windproof/dp/B07PB5TC6M
  14. Ohio JTR Front Driveshaft

    Jot a Rubicon front driveshaft for sale. Not sure what to charge fur it as I have seen any others fur sale.
  15. Drummond Island MI and Rausch Creek PA

    Looks like the wife lady and I are going to do two short trips in the span of 2 weeks. We are heading to Drummond Island to do BOH trail South Marble Head loop and other trails Aug 30,31. Then back home for a local festival. The next week we are going to Raush Creek for a day or two after a few...
  16. Ohio Fender Retention Clips

    I have 20 fender retention clips if anyone has broken any while removing there fenders. Let me know how many you need.
  17. Service locker light came on

    So I had the dreaded locker service light show up today. I remembered reading about it here as soon as I seen it. Sure s@#t I looked it up once I got to work. Just like I remembered full on axel swap for the fix. I have a few problems with this. #1. 1,754 out of warranty @37,754 miles on her...
  18. How wide is the JTR spare rim

    Looking to mount aMilestar 38x13.5 on my spare rim. I cant seem to find out how wide the rim is and if it would take the 13.5 or not.
  19. Rausch Creek or Windrock?

    I am in the very early stage of planning a family road trip. I am looking to grab some Badges and have a good time with my family. So if you could choose one over the other witch one would it be? Or have you had any experience with either park that you could share> I have a rig very capable of...
  20. Got New Rear Window and They Chipped My Top

    So my dealer replaced my leaking rear window today. I went to pick it up at closing and the guy was not done yet. So I gave him my card and he called me when it was ready. By this time everyone in the service department was gone. It was in the detail shop and it was pretty dark in there. When I...