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  1. 15% OFF WARN top selling winches!!!

    This is a straight sale correct, not a rebate like the one at end of 2023?
  2. In-bed magnetic bicycle rack installed (Difficulty: 1/5)

    Great idea, thanks for posting
  3. Mods: Regrets and Required

    My rubicon only had the partial squares on the back fenders. It is a 2022.
  4. Hurricane twin turbo - spotted in Grand Wagoneer

    If this is where the prices are heading for a JT with a Hurricane I'll just plan on heading to AMW with my money to get a 392. if I were ever to actually have such money :LOL:
  5. Mods: Regrets and Required

    will forever now always do: - Exoshield windshield film (everytime a rock hits my heart skips a beat and then i realize no crack so i'm happy) - weather tech mudflaps - full paint protection film on all four fenders instead of the dumb partial piece only on the back ones from the factory...
  6. Am I stupid to Keep in garage

    I will just say I feel your pain OP. I'm in the southeast so don't have this as an ongoing problem but two weekends ago ended up on a highway that had just been sprayed down with brine in preparation for bad weather without realizing it until I got near the brine truck. i had a small stroke...
  7. New 1st Time Jeep Owner now w/ pic

    Totally agree. I bought mine at a dealer 3 hours away from my "home dealer" that I have trusted to do my service for years. unless this dealer is selling jeeps that were flooded in a hurricane without disclosure who cares where you buy. I've driven even further for deals on used cars to buy...
  8. ARE CX Classic Installed (MattK)

    Ouch. This is still top of my list to add to mine too but that hurts. Assume that is a quote from the NY area?
  9. New 1st Time Jeep Owner now w/ pic

    uh yeah, thats a good deal on a rubi. well done.
  10. 1st REAL Jeep.

    Nice and Shiney....for now. Welcome
  11. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    zero regrets. almost 30 years of driving only had one auto for 3 years in Grand Cherokee just before I got the Gladiator. its almost a dying art form now
  12. Picked up the High Altitude last night

    yeah, just sayin it looks nice. never noticed that option before
  13. Picked up the High Altitude last night

    Nice ride indeed. I just now noticed in all the pictures of the HAs that they have those closeout panels on the sides of the fog lights. Wish I had those.
  14. 2021 Mojave manual replaced with 2023 Mojave automatic 🍋 Law

    Does anyone remember the number of "problems" we had with vehicles built in the 70s and 80s. :LOL:they were minor but a heck of a lot more frequent than we have in 2010+ cars. guess everyone's definition of "lemon" is different.
  15. Mopar brake controller worth it?

    also keep in mind with the mopar one you lose that cigarette style 12v outlet which is the only one in the gladiator because everything else is USB. you may not think you need that outlet right now, but something will creep up in the future when you least expect it. I've got the curt bluetooth...
  16. Evolution.... where did you start? Or is the Gladiator your first Jeep?

    in 1997 I got an 89 2 door, 5speed, XJ as my first car. in 2006 I put a chevy 350 in it and man that thing was cool. around 2012 I hit a median on the internstate and killed it. since then a 2008 WK, 2011 WK2 and now the 2022 JTR. have an 88 XJ in the yard I can't seem to make time for. I...
  17. It’s time to go…got a Chevy. 😱

    Dodge could definitely make a play if they put a hot Dakota out there to better compete with the tundra and titan.
  18. It’s time to go…got a Chevy. 😱

    Love my JT but will never ever ever sell my 96 Chevy 3500. To do real truck things you need a full size. You'll find a way to have both some day. That trail boss looks too pretty for a trail though :) enjoy.
  19. Brake controller

    Congrats on the trailer purchase. At the end of the day, the trailer that you want that meets your needs is the right one for you. The Gladioator will be fine, you'll never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket :). The weight distribution hitch will help ride quality a lot so that's...