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  1. We want to hear from you! - JeepCares

    Please keep the manual parking brake, the manual shift transfer case, and keep the belt line low. One reason I didn't buy the Bronco was because of the high belt line which makes it uncomfortable to cruise down the trail with your arm resting on the door. Also, the rear view is severely...
  2. Is the Gladiator at risk for cancellation?

    It depends, if one looks at it from a CAFE point of view. Jeep introduced the long wheelbase pickup to aid in meeting specific fuel economy requirements as its easier to satisfy having a fleet of larger ICE vehicles than it is having a fleet of smaller ICE vehicles. It is also the reason they...
  3. The 392 Single Cab Gladiator sells for $65,000 at Barrett-Jackson

    I thought about bidding on it but did not want the V8 and assumed it would go for much more than it did. I watched the auction curiously to see how it would be presented by the commentators but it was skipped over for a commercial break where I live so from my perspective it was as if it didn't...
  4. The 392 Single Cab Gladiator sells for $65,000 at Barrett-Jackson

    I believe the young man from CAI said they added one foot to the front of a Gladiator bed making the bed six feet long. I didn't see anything on the video suggesting that they extended the gladiator bed further rearward so I assume the bed length behind the axle is the same as a standard four...
  5. The 392 Single Cab Gladiator sells for $65,000 at Barrett-Jackson

    Really! I wonder if it would have done better on Bring a Trailer.
  6. 2024 Gladiator Mojave X Models Now Arriving at Dealers

    Makes one wonder who's making the marketing decisions for Jeep.
  7. J10 extended cab prototype (at least its a nice story)

    That's an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Custom 2 door JT posted on FLT YouTube page

    Wow, thanks for posting this.
  9. Certified Pre-Owned 7/100,000 - Details Unavailable?

    The CPO 7 year/100,000 mile warranties on my wife's 2014 JGC and my 2017 JGC are powertrain warranties and start from the original in service dates. Our CPO warranties are not an additional 7 years or 100,000 miles and are not bumper to bumper warranties.
  10. Spotted a 2 door a couple weeks back in Ohio

    It looks good, not as good as the Mopars J6 or Quadratecs JTE but it's a nice rendition. Agree that the top doesn't look quite right. The JL bed with the JK cab and front end is also a little strange. Some are desperate for a 2 door Gladiator. I've considered building one myself since I have...
  11. FCA Reports Q3 2023 US Sales, Including Jeep Gladiator Sales

    While watching the New Mexico State football game last night, for the first time ever (or maybe in a very long time), Jeep aired a commercial showing their base 2 door wrangler. It was shown in the no upcharge white paint and had the base price listed in bold numbers below the image of the...
  12. I'm Skeptical of These New Grille Cooling Claims

    All previous Wrangler generations as well as the CJ's had open slotted grills with no mesh in the slots. I'm not sure why Jeep designer's felt the need to add the plastic mesh to the JL and JT grills. Perhaps the mesh in the slots serve some function but I suspect it's simply for aesthetics as...
  13. Quadratec's JTe Gladiator Build: The Forbidden Modern-Day Scrambler

    I would own a 2 door Gladiator if Jeep produced them. Also, Unofficial Use Only is located in Lennon, Michigan, not Pennsylvania.
  14. Ford Losing Billions on EV’s

    Electric automobiles have been under a certain level of development since the 80's, maybe earlier. Here's an interesting article about GM's Silver Volt that ran on lead acid batteries. The article helps to illustrate how much progress has been made over the past 40 years...
  15. Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    It's seems to me that some are starting to crave simple vehicles such as the original 2 door wagon and pickup trucks as they showed off in their video. To not miss, they may need to be more jeep or bronco like and less Rivian like. I suspect however, that the actual new Scout will be nothing...
  16. No diff drain plugs?!

    Same for the d44's on my JKUR. The drain plugs are on the sides of the pumpkins. Front Rear
  17. Does anyone wish the wrangler platform would shrink...

    I'm sure Jeep will eventually have an L version of the Wrangler. It only makes sense considering the CAFE regulations.