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  1. AEV 2” Lift or Metal Cloak 2.5” GC for Mojave

    So I know these lifts are on the oppposite ends f the spectrum but here’s the deal. I have been set on the AEV 2” spacer lift for a while now but wanted to add the geometry correction brackets and front and rear Steer smart yeti track bars and Sumo springs front and rear. He mentioned with...
  2. So this happened now need replacement grill

    So my wife is coming home last night from a friend of my kids birthday party when she sent me this picture. Seems like a work truck dropped a tool bounced and went right through the bumper and messed up the grill. It definitely gave her a scare fortunately everyone was OK Because it could have...
  3. Shop Labor Rates!!!

    Wow it’s been a while since I had a shop install mods on a vehicle but datum $145 is up there from last time! Is that on par with what you guys are seeing!?
  4. Need a quick tow package answer

    So my ordered Gladiator is still a mystery when it will ship. Found one locally with all the options I ordered my current one with except for tow package. Looks like I could bolt on a hitch to the frame and have the 220amp (aren’t they standard) and it comes with the 4 and 7 pin wiring harness...