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  1. Dealerships/warranties

    mine is great, they don't question anything and usually a tech will talk directly to me when i have a specific issue. They also point out that if an aftermarket part is part of the issue, it must be returned to stock before they can replace other oem parts that are also part of the issue. So...
  2. Sturdy Storage Container That Fits Under Bed Cover

    I got 2 condition1 totes. They are light, sturdy, ans fit perfect between the wheel wells and below the bed line. They also have 2 beefy tie down points. and wheels.
  3. Theft Prevention/Key Fob Hack PSA. . .

    I just keep my truck in my garage with alarms on the bay doors and a 10mm on the night stand. Come and Take it Buddy. Though odds are my 70 lb dog (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouvier_des_Flandres) may get em first. She loves a good chase.
  4. Best Portable Jack for lifted truck

    I got this. works great and packages well. run it off on board air or a 18v portable compressor...
  5. 24 Taco 4wd goes pop

    true 🤣 . thank god we got u joints. much easier to carry spares and much easier to replace if ya know the tricks.
  6. Electrical ? for the gurus

    Your right it doesn't, but its in an exposed bed in a barn. Its got to fight that barn getting hot during the day, especially with spring around the corner. One compressor kick to hard and that NOCO with stop charging everything and wont come back without a human to reset it.
  7. 24 Taco 4wd goes pop

    bye bye CV. OH lord the amount of Toyota CVs I have replaced trailside. Its astonishing for what's supposed to be the most reliable 4x4 u can buy. Hell the GX470 in my profile pic had a blown CV when i took the shot. 🤣
  8. My insurance went up

    I'm out here job hopping every 2-3 years cus sticking around in yours 20s ain't gonna cut it these days anymore. I've been doubling my paycheck every year since i start working at 18 and its barely enough. didn't help moving to a coastal state either.
  9. My insurance went up

    Its probably been done. But my younger brother loves chick fil a too much to spare my dad, and tbh he's a drop in the pond. My dad has my mom, only sister, and 3 of my younger brothers active on his policy. he's fucked too cus he's got 4 more sons past that to cover when they come of age.
  10. My insurance went up

    My dad has 13 of us. and I'm the only one off his plan. He pays out the ass. especially since my family only has new cars. they have 5 active drivers and 6 cars on policy rn.
  11. Electrical ? for the gurus

    biggest issue I see is that the NOCO u got is a max output of 30w and alot of Iceco fridges run between 20-50 watts. Assuming the fridge as eco mode and will pull 15w that doesn't leave alot left to charge the batteries. especially since a battery tender isn't design to constant discharge as a...
  12. Stock Drag Link popping up & down - Take in for extended warranty now or later?

    this is probable that your steering dampener could be hiding the vibrations you would otherwise be feeling. sounds like its shot and tbh look at it this way. 200 bucks worse case scenario or my drag link let go at 70 mph on I95 and I can't steer.
  13. Electrical ? for the gurus

    What type of NOCO charger? Should be minimal load maintaining a fridge. Is there a permanent solar panel on your truck as well? is it parked outside?
  14. My insurance went up

    Oh you have no idea. At least its she and not he. could be worse.
  15. Help@jeepcares

    i got mine for 50k flat factory order in Aug. I'm happy with that price.
  16. Steering Dampener Dying.

    i always delete the SS when it comes to diag in the front end. I also check ball joints another more definitive way. I know the OEM ones wont last but 800 miles on 37s shouldn't do em in that quickly. Im not gonna upgrade ball joints tho, thats a losing battle on a shitty design imo. I'll do a...
  17. Steering Dampener Dying.

    I hear what your saying. I only maybe 800 miles max on the 37s. 18k on the stock setup. I don't expect the ball joints to go immediately but i don't expect them to last more than 15k more max. I'm just gonna King pin swap when they go most likely. The cost is worth the piece of mind. I did a lot...
  18. Steering Dampener Dying.

    I daily on my stock 33s. 37s are trail only. I check ball joints the way i learned on old fords. jack up 1 front tire up and make sure the other 3 are on the ground. Then put a pry bar under the lifted wheel and lift up. nothing should move other than tire deflection. If they are bad the knuckle...
  19. Steering Dampener Dying.

    i use to be 100 percent against spcers. And i never go to the dealer with em on or my 37s. But i can't see them be the issue as i dont have an problem running the spacers on my 33s. And technically its a more aggressive offset on my 33s than my 37s setup. I got the spaces i did in mind of...
  20. Steering Issue

    I'm having a hard time following what exactly happened. but assuming the balljoints are now good and tight. maybe a tire balance issue? Or another ball joint is loose. TBH the only recourse because this would fall under warranty. Keep taking it in, odds are the tech will drive it and experience...