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  1. Rubicon shocks question - Fox shocks vs standard?

    Mine went straight into the dumpster - where they belong!
  2. Rubicon shocks question - Fox shocks vs standard?

    Seconded, they were terrible. I imagine those Red bodied Tenneco's are much better
  3. In-bed magnetic bicycle rack installed (Difficulty: 1/5)

    That's pretty slick. What steered you away from a tailgate pad or tray rack? I use a tray rack currently, but have also built my own bed-height cross bars to mount the trays too for a little more clearance and stability when on rough roads/camping.
  4. am I doing something wrong in snow/ice Winter driving?

    I had this exact setup in my old TJ. Eaton Truetrac helical gear LSD in the rear, Eaton e-locket up front, 3PMSF tires. It was very confidence inspiring in all snow conditions. I found that the gear driven LSD tended to be less likely to kick the rear end out compared to a clutchpack LSD. It...
  5. am I doing something wrong in snow/ice Winter driving?

    RE: Jerking while turning. You have discovered one of the tradeoffs of a part-time 4x4 system. Every part time 4x4 does it. The front and rear driveshafts are mechanically locked together in 4H whereas in a full-time awd system the front and rear driveshafts are allowed to spin at different rates.
  6. Driveline issue...Jeep bouncing

    *Looked* fine? Or was it inspected for runout and found to measure within spec? It would be pretty easy to miss a bent shaft with just a visual check. In a past life, here's what I'd do to try and narrow down the cause. Find the road speed at which the bounce/low frequency vibration occurs...
  7. 35-11.50-r17 Tires and 4.10 Gears

    Decidedly not flat lander here. Regularly make the climb from 5280ft to 11,000ft. Not sure what would be considered "frequent" shifting. All I know is that the ECU does a great job holding the motor up in the rpm band when necessary, yet allows upshifting all the way to 8th for the flat spots. I...
  8. NEW Rugged Terrain Tires: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT

    Ah I missed the "LT" page. There is a 34" at least in the 285/75/17 flavor. Would still love a proper 35 skinny or not.
  9. NEW Rugged Terrain Tires: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT

    Biggest size I see in a 17" wheel is 265/70R17 which will make it a nonstarter. Really a missed opportunity for GY. Will be missing the JL, JT, Bronco, and Raptor audience who all run 35" tires on a 17" wheel. I'd really like to see a skinnyish size like my 35x11.50x17 Toyo ATiii's.
  10. 35-11.50-r17 Tires and 4.10 Gears

    I'm pretty sensitive to gearing changes but have been happy with 35s on 4.10s with the auto trans at least. If I had a MT that may not be the case. After re-programming the tire size, I still see 8th gear regularly and it cruises well still at altitude here in CO. MPG-wise I get 17 around town...
  11. 2020 Gladiator just went nuts

    Yup see my post here. Exact same symptoms on Monday morning for me https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/lights-on-but-engine-doesn%E2%80%99t-start-turn-over-single-click-then-restarts.74390/page-2
  12. Lights on but engine doesn’t start/turn over - single click then restarts

    you could absolutely do this in the parking lot. I did this street parked in front of my house with the curb in the way. Just disconnect the negative terminal from the main battery before doing literally anything. Seems like the aux batteries are kind of junk then kill the main. My aux is...
  13. Lights on but engine doesn’t start/turn over - single click then restarts

    Just deleted my aux battery this afternoon after it had similar symptoms and would not start Monday morning. Full light show and wipers going nuts and it claiming t wasn’t in park. Having just done this, no need for a tow truck. Get a new main battery, remove and tape up the negative cable from...
  14. Shifting problems 2020 Rubicon

    Any leadtimes requried for the trans?
  15. Any runners or bikers on here

    Might as well share this here. Last month I completed a Hut Trip riding my mountain bike from Telluride, CO, to Moab, UT. Roughly 225mi / 25kft over 7 days. Highly highly recommend a trip like this once in your life if you're into MTB and backcountry at all. Lots of miles on a heavy bike though...
  16. TJ owner thinking about moving on to a JT - input wanted.

    Sidenote: if I had more money than time, I'd seriously look at one of AEV's offerings @Idaho-Jeep . They work with some dealers to upfit a brand new Gladiator with all of their goodies. Check out the JT370 option, for example: JT Gladiator - American Expedition Vehicles - AEV (aev-conversions.com)
  17. TJ owner thinking about moving on to a JT - input wanted.

    I also had a TJ and loved that thing, but I had to get real with myself about what my needs were and what I actually wanted to do. The JT is enormous compared to the TJ. If you find yourself in super tight wooded areas all the time, or if rock crawling is your thing, you'll quickly find the...
  18. BFG KO3 Release Date?

    New Ranger Raptor pics = new KO3 pics!
  19. 3 speed transfer case?

    Atlas Transfer Case Jeep JK 2SP & 4SP Builder - Advance Adapters Pick your poison. Can even select 2wd Low (rwd) or 2wd Low (fwd).
  20. The bounce from side to side

    I have a different starting point than you with the stock Rubicon suspension. I'm not sure if the Willys has the same spring rate or not (they're pretty soft). I ended up going with the Eibach Pro-Truck shocks since they're monotube, were actually in stock (unlike the Bilsteins), and supposedly...