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  1. Dealer sold me a repaired Jeep.

    I have learned the hard way that it is my responsibility to look stuff over before I perches it myself. I have went as far a going down to the dealer with a bottle of detail spray and doing a complete detail job on a vehicle. You really get to know her when you're rubbing her down.
  2. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    You sound like a quaker. Is it wrong to fight back against someone calling you out as a weaker opponent? I think not my friend.
  3. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    From what I gathered from the video is that Pedal Commander posted trash talk on their web page that they are better than Banks. As a business owner this video with facts presented and a slight amount of instigation is the perfect response. I enjoy a company that is better and not afraid to poke...
  4. Banks beats up on Pedal Commander

    This old guy was cracking me up.
  5. Anyone know the thickness of the factory JTR rear bumper

    Nope I'm running the Ace Engineering originals for now. Picked them up at the old shop in Michigan a few years back.
  6. Anyone know the thickness of the factory JTR rear bumper

    Thanks guys but somehow I was able to talk my way out of buying the rear bumper. I don't know how I did it and I don't think I can't replicate it again. I have never talked myself out of buy jeep parts.
  7. Anyone know the thickness of the factory JTR rear bumper

    Thinking of taking advantage of the Bestop 60% off deal But not sure how much thicker the Bestop bumper is at 3/16 over the factory.
  8. Bestop Granite Series 60% Off Deal

    I wish you wouldn't have posted this. I am trying to keep my wallet on lockdown for a bit but $250 for a rear bumper is very hard to pass up.
  9. Jeep names. What is yours and why?

    Im going to call mine Twosticks once I put an Atlas in it.
  10. When does it stop?

    Rear steer is the last mod.
  11. Ohio WTB Spare Tire Cable Unit Thing

    I am in need of a spare tire crank unit thing a Bob. I took mine off a few years back and now I need one for a storage compartment I want to build for extra space for a family vacation. If anyone has one laying around I could put it to good use. Thank you for your time.
  12. 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - Northridge4x4

    Holly heck if you don’t like the parameters just don’t enter like I am doing. Or perhaps a simple you lost me at facebook. Thanks Northridge for giving back to your customers. Not to many other retailers do that. Also thanks to the sponsors helping out also. Merry Christmas my friends.
  13. Milestar Patagonia XT

    Sorry. Looks like I need to read the titles a little gooder lol. I have looked at the XT's but having a hard time switching back to an AT after moving to the MT's.
  14. Milestar Patagonia XT

    From what I gathered the M/T-02's are no longer offered in the 40's. There are still sets available for purchase but the have discontinued the 40's for some reason. I was going to move from the 38's into the 40's but decided to get a new set of the 38's until I figure out what 40's I want to go...
  15. EARLY Black Friday deals have started at Northridge4x4!

    Looks to be 20%. My cart is full of goods. Just have to figure out if the back spacing of my Icon Rebound Pro's will work with the Rock Krawler top mount drag link.
  16. EARLY Black Friday deals have started at Northridge4x4!

    Looking to move from the Rock Krawler pro x 3" to the 4.5" Hope you post a discount for Rock Krawler soon my friends.
  17. Ohio 38x13.5x17

    I have for sale 4 Milestar Patagonia M/T 38x13.5x17. They have around 25k miles on them and I rotated them every 3,000 miles. $500
  18. RCV 300m axle. 1 piece vs 2 pieces

    RCV claims only 5% weaker than the 1 pice. That is why I chose to go with the 2pice.