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  1. PDiddy made me do it

    After reading and posting in PDiddy's post about switching to a 1500 Ram, it kind of intrigued me. The fact that my wife wasn't truly happy with my purchase of my Gladiator, I thought I would check out the 1500's myself. Since she owns a 2018 JLU and I have a 2005 TJR to do my wheeling with, I...
  2. Desert pro package

    I was looking at Gladiator Rubicons on cars.com and came upon a dealer in Lake Havasu that had desert pro package in the description. It doesn't show up on the build site and all searches lead to Mojave? Or a Toyota package. Anybody else run into this?
  3. Parked close to a new Bronco today.

    Don't know the Bronco models very well. This one was parked in the Safeway parking lot today. I think I prefer my Gladiator or my wife's JLU Sport.
  4. Prescott Arizona

    The wife and I and her sister and sister in-law went to a beer festival in Prescott over the weekend. The girls decided they were going to walk around Whiskey Row before the festival so I thought it would be great to go try a trail in the area. My stock max tow constantly amazes me on where it...
  5. Chiricahua National Monument

    We did our first small trip with our new travel trailer. Drove about 77 miles to the town of Willcox Arizona and spent 4 days exploring wineries and one day exploring the Chiricahua National Monument, which was the highlight of the trip. I was really impressed with the way the Gladiator handled...
  6. Finally picked up our new trailer

    Although I wanted blue, there was nothing to be found in my area, so I settled and got a sting grey max tow delivered to my driveway last Thursday. We were supposed to pick up our trailer Monday and it had a few things that needed attention before my wife would agree to bring it home. So here's...