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  1. Anybody have experience with this Giai Canopy?

    Changed thread from identifying to usage/opinions of this canopy. Here is a link to the canopy. https://gaiacampersusa.com/products/jeep-gladiator-2020-cap Anybody have one or seen it in person. Thinking I might have to save up for one.
  2. RudeJeepin's JTRD Journey

    Starting this to help keep track of my Gladiator and how it changes. Probably no serious changes, and things won't happen too fast. But here goes. After some back and forth with my local dealer we finally found a Gladiator that met my wants. Brought this 22JTRD home on Tuesday, 5/3/22 to meet...
  3. MetalCloak Overland Flip Step

    I've been looking at steps for my JTRD and was wondering if anybody had tried to install the flip step on the factory Rubicon sliders. I know I'd have to drill and add nutserts, but that's easy. The factory slider has a vertical surface that looks like it would work. Anybody try this or has...
  4. Dual Key Fob

    I happen to be lucky enough to have a JLURD and a JTRD. Well, actually the wife took my Wrangler so I took her car and traded it for a Gladiator. Now I have 2 key Fob to worry about. What I'd like is to be able to combine both fobs and only carry one. I could dangle the keys off a ring. Anybody...