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  1. 2024 Six Speed Manual Waiting Room

    Almost a year! This is very discouraging. I tend to keep vehicles for a long time and part of the reason I haven't pulled the trigger on a JT is I keep hoping for a stick I can rely on for many years while I'm still young enough to enjoy rowing gears. (I'll be 50 this summer.)
  2. Integrated Roof + Bed Topper Combination - options?

    A soft top version of this theoretical product would be cool.
  3. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    I tend to keep vehicles a long time- my current ride is a Wrangler I bought new in April 2014- and am holding out hope that I can row gears in a JT for another 10 years. I'm not an offroader, so even a Sport would be fine (just like my JK), but if I can't get a stick shift, I'll probably drift...
  4. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    I'm just one guy, but the inflation/inflated pricing factor and serious doubts about having a reliable MT/clutch option have kept me from joining the Glad owner's club over the past year+.
  5. New Decked System for the Gladiator

    Pretty sweet looking system. Can you easily uninstall, like if you wanted to get a scoop of mulch or something?
  6. New shoes! 37s on my Mojave

    Nice setup. That wheel color looks great with Hydro Blue.
  7. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    Thank ya. Maybe the most intense show I've ever seen was Gojira in 2019, at a venue with an 1,100 sq ft standing capacity. They played with the same intensity- and volume! - as they would at a festival. It was wild.
  8. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    No stick shift? No removable top? No thanks.
  9. 60% Seat Delete With storage – My Custom DIY Solution

    That's some quality dadding there. The whole project looks great, man.
  10. Quadratec's JTe Gladiator Build: The Forbidden Modern-Day Scrambler

    I always thought Scramblers looked sweet with the full soft top. Would love to see one added to the Qtec build.
  11. (delete if possible) ignore this

    Why wouldn't the bank give the apes a loan? Because they wouldn't tolerate any monkey business.
  12. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I'm increasingly worried that by the time I'm financially ready to pull the trigger on a JT, a stick won't even be an option for a new order.
  13. Comparison of Gladiator vs... Rivian?!?

    Edit: Mods, I somehow missed the existing JT vs Rivian thread here: https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/gladiator-vs-rivian.60385/ Apologies for the extra work... if you wouldn't mind merging my original post into that thread, I'd be much obliged.
  14. Comparison of Gladiator vs... Rivian?!?

    I'm guessing that the typical JT prospective buyer wouldn't necessarily be considering the Rivian as well. Regardless, an interesting read and watch here. https://www.topspeed.com/does-the-rivian-r1t-have-in-it-to-take-on-the-jeep-gladiator-on-beaten-paths/
  15. Custom Swing Away Tire Carrier

    Hell yeah, brother. Nice work. 🤘
  16. Why did you go diesel?

    Solid advice, and much obliged for the thoughtful response.
  17. Why did you go diesel?

    I was about to start an "looking for diesel education" thread of my own and ran into this one. (Yes, sometimes people do use the search function lol.) If you fine folks will indulge me, I'll just paste most of my draft thread contents here... Financial considerations have me postponing a JT...