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  1. (Solved) Dealer Deposit Refund on Botched Order

    I had a similar situation but I got refunded 2 days later. On the bright side, we might just dodged a leaky seal batch. Take it easy and hope you got it sorted.
  2. I am 0 for 2 trying to install skid plates

    I would use stainless hardware instead of zinc plated.
  3. JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist

    Yeah. I did order them. Somebody somehow made a mistake or 2 along the way. I'll wait & see if dealer & jeep have a solution for me next week. Otherwise deal is off or wait another half a year for next JTR.
  4. JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist

    Armed myself with grin from ear to ear and JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist from Pg. 1. I went to pick up my first ever Jeep. I was disappointed as soon as I open the back door, there was no USB/power point for backseat passenger. As I walked around, I noticed there was no front camera. Dealer...
  5. JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist

    Finally the long wait is over, my first ever Jeep (JTR) is here and ready for collection. Dealer asked for payment before pick up, I said after i test drive the actual truck and I will go thru this checklist before make any payment. Thank you guys (& girls) for making this checklist list
  6. NEW: Oculus Bi-LED Switchback Version

    I'm ready to pull trigger on this headlight but still waiting for Reverse + Brake light to turn up, want to make sure I'm happy with them before commit myself to another Oracle product.
  7. No Mojave in Australia. Start with Overland or Rubicon?

    Haha.. Sweet as mate. I'm happy for you instead of sad. will keep an eye out for your build. cheers
  8. No Mojave in Australia. Start with Overland or Rubicon?

    Which trim was it that u drove. Did u test drive both Rubicon & Overland. Congrats on the JT How long do you have to wait for it?
  9. Color choice for Mojave

    Go with what your heart said and my heart said Snazzberry. Both are good choice.
  10. My purchase is coming down to Overland Selec-Trac w LSD -vs- Rubicon Rock-Trac

    Do you know that OZ Jeep now have new Gladiator option -- NIGHT EAGLE. Whichever model you go for, watch out for dealers overcharge fee & hidden fee, Some accessories offered by OZ Jeep are just daylight robbery, you better off go for after market. If you go for special colour, be prepare to...
  11. Everybody is different...

    They look normal to me, especially RHD. Wish 392 come in RHD to. Here more pic of RHD JTR https://botany.jeepdealer.co.nz/vehicles/2021-jeep-gladiator-rubicon-36p4wd8at-2029019?page=2 I finally got my JTR VIN number yesterday, Yaayyy.. another 5 months to go.
  12. Gladiator Lemons?

    Thank you for the update SnazGlad, I'm glad you got the bad omen sorted. Despite all the negativity (& positivity) around Jeep, reading your threads and feedback from others gave me some confidence in my coming up JTR (my 1st ever Jeep). Congrats on Snazzbery.
  13. No Mojave in Australia. Start with Overland or Rubicon?

    Gidday mate. I was in the same boat as you before I ordered rubicon 3 months ago (5 more months to go). For the little price difference for sport, Overland & rubicon. I went for rubicon in a heart beat. Plenty of sport & overland on the yards to choose from but only white & black rubicon...
  14. Dents or Dings from the factory?

    In sheet metal term some called it back fold or horse shoe or coning, its common and operator couldn't really see it unless we put it under the light, Also easy fix by correcting the machine pressure or speed. Don't worry about it, it add some character to the truck.
  15. How do you guys carry your kayaks?

    I used to carry my yaks same method as Frank... until saltwater and sand got between the rubbers seal and rust away.
  16. How do you guys carry your kayaks?

    Yes it will take 2 kayaks, I usually carried 4.8mtrs + 4.5mtrs SOT kayaks on it. Bar or arm need to be least 1.5mtrs wide to fit 2 kayaks.
  17. Insurance troubles

    They pay only after Global News got involved. Insurance companies will try every trick in the book to decline any claim. Most well known insurer here in NZ won't touch any vehicle with mod worth over $1200
  18. Garzilla 2.0 - 2021 Hydro Blue - Are you not entertained?

    Maximus-3 sport bar looks good :like: Might make one myself but half the bed.
  19. How I justified buying my Gladiator. How about you?

    Tried to justify it and it didn't make sense in every way but I buy it anyway.
  20. Show Me Your Garage

    I put up a pallet racking and slatwalls at both side of my garage entrance a couple of years ago, it save lots of space and I can actually see my tools when I need them. .