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  1. Jeep Announces New Mopar 2" Inch Lift Kit Featuring Bilstein Shocks

    Yep... watching FedEx deliver the crate on the Ring camera was kinda funny...

    I'd say they are too bright to use as reverse lights, especially when combined with the flush mount reverse lights. Thinking of lightly tinting them or putting a toggle switch. I inadvertently blind people in parking lots when backing up.
  3. Sport rack idea...

    Make cross rails for the bed rails on the Sport Rack. They could mount to padded roll bar clamps (scratch protection) Could mount a universal basket for light cargo.
  4. Low Speed Squeak while sharp turn

    It has been hot AF in Texas this week... I just had my axle replaced due to the leak. It's so noticeable, I know it wasn't happening before. It happens every time I turn sharp when backing out of my driveway. Only happens at 80%ish+ turn. Not a chirp, but like a squeegee on glass
  5. Low Speed Squeak while sharp turn

    I just had a leaky axle replaced and now I'm getting this same squeak. I initially thought it was my spare rubbing against the track bar, but I dropped my spare and the sound didn't go away however it seems like it was reduced. My sound is a rubber squeaking like if you were walking a rubber...
  6. 392 Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Ok. I've been off the forums for a little bit... and I step in and see this! I have all the parts in my cart and have a question (more of a confirmation after reading all 27 pages) This will work on a sport, correct? And if I don't currently have heated steering (no CWG) will this add the...
  7. Help w. wiring for KC Cyclone Rock Lights

    I'm not quite following that. When you turned the footwell scroll off, do the lights still work with unlock and aux? If the scroll is on then it acts as a dimmer for the rock lights? I might tap the bed lights vs the footwell lights as they also turn on when I press unlock and I don't have...
  8. Help w. wiring for KC Cyclone Rock Lights

    I am just about to do this as well. Is this what you did?
  9. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    To clarify, you are talking about the bumper back up lights, correct? Did you run wire from an aux switch to the bumper lights?
  10. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    These with the bumper lights are too bright for parking lots. I blinded some poor lady in a civic (I'm on 37s with 4" of suspension lift)... her arms jerked up to shield her eye like Dracula seeing the sun... we all laughed but that really wasn't cool. Can a resistor be added into the reverse...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Who buys a sport bar for roll over protection? You think it was ever roll over tested? 😆 The red lights on the top turn on when I hit the brakes
  12. Maximus-3 Roll Bar

    I finally wired up my Sport bar. The red lights are tapped to the third brake light and the cargo lights are tapped to the bed lights. The tazer allows you to turn on cargo lights for 30 min by pressing unlock on the remote 3 times. Press lock to turn them off. To hide the wires, I drilled...
  13. Garzilla 2.0 - 2021 Hydro Blue - Are you not entertained?

    Oracle backup lights and flush mount tail lights. The reverse lights are BRIGHT. I might need to add a resistor to lower the brightness.
  14. Garzilla 2.0 - 2021 Hydro Blue - Are you not entertained?

    Finally was able to finish the wiring for my maximus-3 sport bar. Tapped the bed light for the cargo light. Pressing unlock 3 times on the remote turns the cargo lights on for 30 min (tazer feature) For the red (brake) lights, I tapped them into the third brake light I drilled access holes...
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    This weekend, i finally got around to installing my Oracle backup lights and the flush mount tail lights. Those are FREAKING BRIGHT. might be a little too bright... sorry to the people behind me... Today I finished wiring my maximus-3 sport bar. Tapped the third brake light under the bed...
  16. Leaking axle seal?

    4662 miles and leaking... Calling in the morning.
  17. What are these 4 wires that go to the tailgate brakelight?

    FINALLY GOT MINE WIRED UP! Tapped the third brake light under the bed for the middle lights and the bed light for the cargo. With the tazer, I can turn the bed lights on for 30 min by pressing unlock 3 times. I got brave and drilled holes into the sport bar to get a clean install. Used...
  18. Bed light removal - oops!

    Aftermarket. They didn't remove them, they taped them off. I heard it crack when I pushed the screw driver in the slot
  19. Bed light removal - oops!

    I'm about to start a "don't do this or you'll break your shit" thread... first was the mount for the main door harness. Pins are fine but the harness just hangs as I broke the mount on the plug. Now, as I was trying to tap the bed light to power my Sport bar cargo light, I broke the tab...
  20. What can we do for you?

    I figured... I was an internet director and bought a 2009 durango. 2 month later, discontinued. It runs great but needs a refresher (gave it to my 19 yo son) and parts are getting really hard to find. But he likes that $0 payment 😆 Thanks for checking!