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  1. Wheel spacers, no cut

    Factory Willy's wheels
  2. Wheel spacers, no cut

    I was having new tires installed and that's what I was told by the installer. I did not see it for myself. Maybe I'll pull a wheel this weekend and take a look. Thanks for the information.
  3. Wheel spacers, no cut

    I picked up a set of 1.5 spacer but was told I need to cut the studs to make these fit. Can I fit 1.75 spacer without modification of the factory studs. I'm sure this is answered somewhere but I was unable to find it. Thanks
  4. oil filter housing breakage

    Dropped my '21 off at the local shop that normally does my oil changes only to get a call from them telling me they wont be liable if the oil filter housing breaks. Apparently this is a common issue on 3.6 liter and they've broken a couple recently and the cost replace is over a thousand...
  5. Huge Discounts on 2023 Gladiators!

    Pricing has gone insane. I paid 38,000 for my Willy's in '21. How is it Jeeps are going for over 50 - 60 or even 70k these days. The escalation of car prices in general has gone completely mad. Oh but I'll just lease it so I can pretend Im paying less.
  6. New Gladiator delivered without side steps?

    I deleted the comment before I saw you reply. It was a doucie thing to say and unnecessary. It shouldn't be surprising though. Its not as if Wranglers/Gladiators are renowned for their high level of fit, finish and refinement. Its cool that you went as base as possible in a time when most...
  7. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    Hate to be that guy but something has to be off with OPs math or he simply overpaid and that's on him. I paid around $38,000 ($43 was MSRP) for my '21 Willy's. That was $1,500 below invoice. Yeah that's right was able to negotiate to below invoice because that's where the market was at the...
  8. $1800 to install AEV spacer lift

    I'm very happy with the install. No problems at all and the price was very fair.
  9. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    A set of MT Baja A/Ts in 255/85r17.
  10. What brand is this symbol?

    Lots of useless responses in this thread. The above quote is the only one that's helpful.
  11. Jeep gladiator Willys: 35” tires on stock rims and spare jack

    good luck holding that bead if you air down to off road just cause you 'can' do something...
  12. Stellantis CEO: Earth Doesn't Have Enough Raw Material to Meet EV Demand

    Huge strides have been happening literally right in front of your eyes (just look at the device you're reading this on).
  13. $1800 to install AEV spacer lift

    That's fantastic. Side note. I was the best man for onne of the master mechanics for Valenti in Mystic and we are still as close friends as ever. He won't touch my vehicles 🤣
  14. $1800 to install AEV spacer lift

    Precision performance in Wilton.
  15. $1800 to install AEV spacer lift

    I got a quote this morning for $450-$600 (3-4hrs) without alignment (he recommends but it would be extra). This seems very reasonable. $1800 is F'IN crazy.
  16. $1800 to install AEV spacer lift

    Is that insane? I could install it myself but I hate wrenching anymore and have kids and other things Id rather be doing. Id rather throw money at it but not that much. What's a fair rate to install an AEV 2" spacer lift? I was anticipating closer to $600, not 3x that. Anyone know of an...
  17. It's been fun

    Don't assume my gender!
  18. It's been fun

    I'm referencing others obsession with waving and the fact that we seem to have a new wave thread at least every 2 weeks.
  19. It's been fun

    Will you still wave?
  20. Nobody waves anymore.

    Riding bikes is dangerous and dumb.