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  1. FAD override

    You could try this, might work for JEEP https://us.bddiesel.com/products/2-low-unloc-dodge-2009-up-1500-2009-2019-4wd-2500-2014-2019-4wd-3500-2013-2019-4wd?variant=30073631604800
  2. Theft Prevention/Key Fob Hack PSA. . .

    THIS INFORMATION IS INCORRECT AS NOTED BY OTHER FORUM MEMBERS. PLEASE REFER TO THIS LINK UNDERSTAND FOB FUNCTION https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/%F0%9F%AA%9B-fob-101-know-thy-jl-key-fob%F0%9F%AA%9B.88719/page-2#post-1855159 The RFID chip is not powered by the FOB battery. It is...
  3. New Rack System - Sneak Preview

    Do you not include washers in the kit? That little non flanged nut barely biting into that aluminum slot is going to wollar it's self out on the first 30 miles of a dirt road. Sorry if I am being picky but I see this kind of stuff in kits all the time, and for the 5 dollars extra in washers or...
  4. Shock suggestions

    A few guys here have them and really like them. Seems like wider bang for the buck then throwing money at hi end king off road shocks designed for mostly off road. Falcons just seem like mass produced shocks shined up to look fancy.
  5. Shock suggestions

    go for the SDI E-clicks
  6. Rubi shocks on stock suspension

    The rear springs will be the same as gas, the front springs might be a touch stiffer then gas, but it would essentially level the truck out if they are a little stiffer. The shock valving if anything would be a little stiffer on the front to compensate for the stiffer springs. At the same...
  7. Rubi shocks on stock suspension

    I will sell you my whole ruby suspension, springs and shocks for $150, very low miles, here in Tucson. They are for the diesel but should work just fine.
  8. P026D - The saga continues

    Ok, there have been reports here of people doing fender work and said work has cause some wires on the passenger fender side to now rub on things that didn't before and create odd shorts.
  9. P026D - The saga continues

    do you have any aftermarket mods like fenders or anything else that may have touched a wire.
  10. Adding locker(s) to a Sport! Should I keep the factory LSD and add only a front locker, or full lockers all the way around?

    @Zero_Accel , Keep the rear LSD for now, replace the front with a locker of your choice/budget, and use the money that was going toward a rear locker for new aftermarket ball joints with clips. The OEM ball joints are infamous for popping out under high load, aka when you need a locker. If you...
  11. Show me your C-Pillar setup!

    fyi, those FE are at head height in the event of side impact for rear passengers. Just something to consider.
  12. Wondering if the former owner of my Gladiator is a forum member

    Yeah it was mine, sold it cause dirty mike and boys had their way with it and couldn't get the smell or the mental image out . Best of luck, it helps if you don't think about what took place. Damn removable doors and roof..........
  13. AEV 370 JTRD

    looks like you would be better off with some 1/4" steel plate welded to a 2x2 tube that get bolted to the frame rail.
  14. Change Differential Carrier Question

    If replacing carriers then you will need to reshim aka adjust the carrier to the right pattern. You can't just unbolt and slap a new one in without set up.
  15. Front bumper with tow receiver?

    It's a personal call, that's why i stated a bumper made of 3/16" plate. And something that has full welds. End of the day for me i took a educated chance, with the expectation i would have to cut and fab stuff as needed to make it work or reinforce it. Any good welder should have enough...
  16. Front bumper with tow receiver?

    note, you will want to mount the receiver as high as you can. The winch carrier can hang out a ways and effect approach angle. Having a receiver below the frame horns is going to restrict you severely. You could also buy a bumper with a top mount winch setup (like mine) and then just bolt a...
  17. Front bumper with tow receiver?

    buy what ever custom bumper you want order it un finished, then cut and weld your own receiver tube into it. Look for a bumper made of 3/16" thick plate. Maybe you can talk a smaller bumper fab shop into adding 1...
  18. Thoughts on this lift?

    The shocks look like cheap (and leaky) hydro shocks, probably a cheap lift too
  19. Front Diff Cover Fill Plug Size

    you pay for shipping i will send you a cover and plug. 85719
  20. Am I crazy to buy a Gladiator EcoD to tow my Travel Trailer?

    That turbo is working hard to make 326hp/465ftlb out of a 4 cylinder. That is a ton of BTU's that need to be shed by a small mass motor. Which means there are a lot of parts that are going to be living at high temps. That seems sketchy to me from a long term durability perspective. General rule...